I've been married for 9yrs.  Separated for almost 4yrs. She lives in Ohio, I live in NJ.  We thought it was right. We worked together. Communicated very well, at first. She got sick, went thru changes, her father passed away, we moved to OH the next day.  WOW, crazy times. Adapted to a new place. We couldn't get along.  Separated for a couple of months, she got real sick, I helped her thru her sickness. She finally got better, health-wise.  Still couldn't get along. Nites on the couch, fighting, threats.  Finally, separated Jul 08.  Reconciliation, doesn't seem to be in the future.  Yes, I do serve a God of Miracles.  Thankfully, my walk with Jesus has grown, alone time is "Worship Time." Socially, where do I Fit?


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