Keep our Youth Ministry in your prayers and praises as we attempt something huge

I work with a Youth Ministry called Bugs4Christ, in Gray, Georgia.  We mentor Teenagers and Youth by teaching them to work on old VW's and using Car related object lessons to teach them how to Grow in their Relationship with Christ.  We build and give away the cars, or build them and let the kids keep them to drive for themselves.  We tell them all the time to think of projects that are so BIG that there's no chance of doing them alone, to think of things so impossible that the only way to accomplish them is with God's Help, because then it will be obvious that He's teaching us and working with us as we grow. By attempting the impossible (a seven day classic car restoration), we are asking God to intercede and show us what He can do. We are attempting something so great that if God is not in it, it will fail miserably

Well, a few weeks ago we had a shell of a 72 Super Beetle donated to us, and I do mean just a shell, almost nothing of the car was there.  Well we decided that we were going to use that car and attempt to do a full body off restoration in 7 days and would then donate the car to the Methodist Home for Children and Youth in Macon, Ga so they can auction it off as a fund raiser.  We decided to do it with this particular car for several reasons and decided on the 7 days for reasons as well.  We want to show the kids that even though it's really impossible to do a full restoration in 7 days it can be done and will be done through the help of God.  There was no pre-planning, we haven't been fund raising to prepare for the build, we haven't touched the car to prep it or anything before the build, we just decided we would do it and it is coming together very quickly.  Since making the announcement to our team that we were doing it we've already had someone decide to sell us a brand new $3000 dollar motor for $1000 dollars, and a day after that we had someone that heard about the project offer to pay for the motor for us, the whole thousand dollars.....just like that!  We've had tons of parts that have been coming in from all over the state of Georgia as word spread through Volkswagen Clubs that we were attempting this.  It's our intention to show that God owns everything and He is in control of all things. 

We are starting the build on February 28th, and will be finished on March 7th.  The reason we chose this car is two fold.  One: This car was given to us by someone that was going to scrap was sitting beside a barn to rust away. Three of us showed up to get it on a trailer and we were ecstatic, talking about all the good things with the car, how clean the body was, almost high fiving each other from excitement. The man giving it to us didn't see it, he just said, "Well I'm glad Y'ALL are excited about it!"

The excitement we had for this broken, torn down, scrap heap looking car, is the excitement God has when he knows he's getting to build you up, when He knows that you're accepting him, turning over the keys to him, and letting him Restore you!!!!

And two: We also want to be able to show the youth working with us and the Youth there that nothing is ever too far gone to be saved!!! Almost every VW we get is in this condition, the reason we get them is that most people would just throw this car away, scrap it, say it's not worth repairing...but not us, we see the beauty in this car, we see what it once was, and we know, with our help, we can have the car back to it's full Grace, back in a position to be what it's meant to be. God sees us all just like that, we're never too far gone, and we're never beyond saving. We must turn it over to God, let him Save you with his Grace, let him bring you back, it's never too late.

I am sharing this in the hopes that you will pray for us, keep us in your thoughts, and know that on February 28th, we're attempting to show that all things are possible through God!  If anyone is interested in keeping up with progress on this car, you're welcome to visit our Facebook page: Bugs4Christ

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Wow what an awesome Idea! I will definetely keep you in my prayers!

we must never change the Gospel but we can always change our methods!

mayyou know ,experience the love of God and the power of his spirit!

I would be honored if you kept me in the loop as to how your ministry is going and what i can do to help!

Mr Mark

I definitely will.  We're starting the build next week, Feb. 28th.  We decided to do this with no pre-planning because part of the message to our guys is "God Owns Everything".  We know He'll have the car ready and provide us with everything we need, and so far He's holding true to that.  We've received the car, then engine, about half of the parts we need so far, 3M Products just donated about 600 bucks worth of pain prep/body work supplies to us and they're working on getting us paint at no cost too. 

I just did an object lesson with the guys last night with the car, pictured above.  I pointed out that we had to go out and find this car, it was just sitting behind a barn, rotting away, waiting to be saved.  All of our restored cars that are driven by the guys drive up to our shop every week and are happy to be there.  We can't expect this car, the one that needs to be saved to just show up at our door and blow it's horn yelling, "Hey, Help me, I need to be saved!!!"   We also shouldn't expect those that are in very big need of being Saved to just show up, to just walk up and say, "Hey, save me!"  It doesn't work that way.  You have to challenge yourself to go out there, talk to people, find out about their lives, and in doing that you'll find that person that's just sitting there, not knowing where to go or who to see, and not knowing that they can ask for help to be Saved.  It's all in how you look at it.

First, we are definitely never beyond saving.  God is constantly trying to build us up just like all those VW bugs you are working.  That is a really neat way to reach out to the community.  I will not only be praying for the 7-day build beginning on the 28th, but I will also pray that through your ministry, you can impact many young people.  Keep it up!

Just wanted to give an update.  We're starting day 4 and progress is amazing.  God is working wonders.  During our 2nd day we had someone call and they got an auto body shop to agree to donate all of our paint for the build,  close to 700 dollars of paint supplies for the car.  We've had perfect strangers stop by that saw our story on our local news station, and they just stopped to pray for us or bring food, drinks, etc.  It's been incredible.  I have the picture of the car above, but here's a great timelapse video of the day one tear down, it's pretty incredible to watch.

Bugs4Christ Breakdown Video

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