I'm am disheartened by church members that either seem to have established their "clicks" because they have grown up in the church or they are just not "on fire" for the Lord. Members are not welcoming new people - visitors come, but they don't come back - rarely. They seem comfortable "playing church".


I belong to a church that is striving to be a Great Commission church, but they're members have their established ministries and members who run the ministries don't like their toes being stepped on when an outsider tries to get involved. And when new ministries or ideas are talked about being established, movement to get them started sometimes drags on for years.


I've seen this time after time. Its so frustrating to be an "on fire" Christian in a church who's members aren't. And it's hard to find one!


What can be done to get members "on fire" for the Lord break out of their stale faith?

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This is SOOO what I'm talking about! THANK YOU GOD FOR ANSWERING MY CONCERN!



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