i would like to share a testimony if feel GOD want's me to share with you.

i'll start off that it all began in 8th grade. i was raceing my friends in PE class and fell. it was a very weaird feeling fall beacause i was inbetween both of them and i my foot got cout in one of their legs and my whole body spun around, my hand slaped against the ground, then i slide about two feet i think. my hand was very swollen. when i got home my mom was woried that i may have damaged my thumb or something, i can't remmember. but she took me to get and exray on my hand and after they were doen they said my bones looked like a 65 year olde's bones with thin bones. well long story short after they did more tests they found out i was in stage 3 close to 4 of liver disese.

    i was about to start high school the next year and iv'e been home schooled from 2nd to 7th grade. so i would have to go through two challanging expirances at once, plus some other things my famly was going through my ADD ( auditory process disorder- makes it hard to understand things) that made things difficult too but i won't get deep into that right know.

    freshman year i had to take a whole buntch of pills that hand many side affects. i had drowzyness, crampings, stretch marks on skin, swelling in the knees, flim and mucuas in my throwt, hungy easly, and i couldn't eat sugar or any thing with salt.

dealing with being in school for the first time in 5 years and these symtomes was very very very hard but with GOD all things are posible. getting up every day was a strogle.

the kids would make fun of my stretch marks and that i could only eat surtant foods all the time. my knees would hurt from swelling and my legs from cramping because of the walking i wasnt us to, especily during PE. most of the cramps were in my fringers which was almost evrey hour it seemed. i produced alot of mucas and flim in my throwt and made loud imbarising sounds that made the kids and teachers look at me weird. this made it hard with the lack of social skills i had and i was made fun of and icealated of that alone. i usaly ate oat meal, fruits, veggitables,meat, Ezekiel bread and cerial ever day and they usaly were always the same.getting up every day was a strogle.i would hardly get any sleep at night because of back cramps. then i would wake up in the middle of the night hungry and whenever i tried to close my eyes and sleep it felt like my brain went num and i would feel dizzy. i remember falling asleep in one of my classes, trying to get up but my head would feel so heavy. one day was scary, i had had a dream that night, got up that morning like i was half asleep but awake not sleep walking, and all the days seemed to blend together and i would have dreams of the day and day dreams of the night, that's how tierd i was.

this  was so far the best time in my life.

i like to think back and remember those days every day with great joy and excitmend to come home and run into the arms of my HEAVENLY DADDY, THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY.during those hard times my mom and me would do bible study before school and pray. i would learn more about HIM in the evening and remember worship songs at night. among all the bad things i heard at school about me, GOD was the Only one saying good things about me and didn't rub my problems in my face. i remember getting up one day in so much pain and sadness wanting just to give up that i said to GOD," the only reason i'm getting up today, the ONLY reason....... is for YOU, because i love you GOD.

i had only one friend and he moved softmore year but were still in contact. we were going through finacial struggles and sumetimes didn't have food in the house. and closer and closer to my junior year as things got harder for my parants they disconected with me, they still loved me and we spent time together but they were so overwelmed we stoped doing the things we use to do.but through it all GOD made a way because in my junior year my doctor did tests and found no sign of the infection and said it was complitly healed. he said i was his first patient to follow all the insructions for taking the medicine and earting write. oh and i can eat salt and sugar againg to.

     this was a breif statement of what went on but i hope this has encouraged anyone going through the same thing  as well as any one eslse. HE'll probebley be more times then once the only person you'll see in your group of friends. i saw GOD's srtanght and protection and reasurance during that time and now i have even new stuff to share about GOD as a person who feels the way we feel and knows how to lay down those feelings and be strong, so PEASE don't give up and know,not just feel that GOD is there and HE loves you and is able do meet all your needs. but if He doesnt is that realy the point of living? the worst thing that will happen is we die and go to heavan. but why wait to have heaven then? have it know, your in a relationship you know, make your time with GOD personal, simple, meaningful, lovey,pure, real, onest and honorable.

EX: i sometimes have dreams of JESUS's warm huge and kiss on my skin ;and who ever has seen The SON has seen The FATHER.

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