Im a recovering addict, 25 years of crack cocaine and meth, and the lifestyle that goes with addiction. By the grace of God, Ive been clean for 7 years of drugs, and 4 alcohol. I now serve Christ thru my church. However, thats not to say im not without struggle. 

Im 57 years old, and have many health issues, and learning disabilities. My life is good, but my struggles continue. 

Its my faith in God that keeps me going. I think of getting high everyday. But I also think of how good my life is without drugs, even if i am broke, and struggle daily with life's ups and downs. 

I try to study Gods word daily, and spend much time in prayer. I serve at my church in anyway possible. 

What we have to realize, is how damaging drugs are, and even though Im clean 7 years, 25 years of drug abuse has really taken its toll on my body and mind. I struggle learning new things, my bones ache, my teeth hurt. But my soul is in tact. i work daily to redeem myself.

Through Gods grace and forgiveness, I have hope. I Love God. I love my church, and my church family. I thank the Lord for everything, good and bad, and we must always be thankful for the cross, and the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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