Question I heard today from a pastor, If your church closed or moved out of the neighborhood, would anyone in the area be upset?   What is your church doing to make a difference in the community? 

  My own question is, if you for some reason left your church, would anyone care?  What are you doing in your own church to make a difference in church or community?

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I have been told by many people at my church that I just light up the room when I walk in and especially during praise and worship.  One of the ladies in the band even told me that that is part of her motivation to keep going.  For this reason, among others, I think almost all the congregation would have some concern if I just up and left.  As for in the community, I help my church every 4th Tuesday at Bread of Life Missions which is a faith-based organization that feeds the hungry across the Verde Valley.  I also help my friend and former high school Spanish teacher at the information desk which usually happens on the last Sunday of each month.  I am also a member of the mens group and the second Saturday of each month we put on a breakfast for all the men of the church.  I just started that in 2016.

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