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In our little town we have a weekly newspaper that goes out called The Hudson Hub. I like it simply for the small town feel it gives me. It includes articles about special presentations happening at the library, the most recent theater production, anything the town council has decided, and sports news from little league champions to high school results. And in just about every issue is a photo from some place in our town with a challenge for people to figure out where the photo was taken. The caption is something like “Where in Hudson?” I have lived in Hudson for 17 years and I can never figure out any of those photos. I now have a scientific excuse. It’s called “Visual Lethargy”

When I first read that phrase I thought they were talking about a person with a lazy eye. But it turns out we all get visual lethargy. That’s why when on your first drive to work you notice all kinds of things, but after 10 years of driving to work you don’t even remember driving to work at all. Your mind quits noticing things you see over and over again.

I think for most of us that’s a shame. But I also think that’s a reason to be glad we live in northeast Ohio. There’s got to be some advantage to living in a place where the temperature can be in the 30’s in the morning and in the 70’s by the afternoon. A place where you can be wearing shorts on Tuesday and be battling snow and sleet on Thursday. God is trying to help us with our visual lethargy… or perhaps our lethargy in general.

I’m not sure the last time I noticed how dazzling the eyes of my wife are when she smiles. I don’t want to ever get used to my grandson yelling “Pa!” when he sees me. I want to notice how green the grass looks after a rain or how beautiful it looks right after it’s mowed.

Every single day there are dozens and dozens of gifts I miss because I’ve seen them a thousand times. And that’s a shame.

Someday, God may sit with me with a huge scrap book of photos. He will open a page with 4 photos on each side and he will ask, “Do you remember when I gave you this to see?” I want to look at Him and say, “Oh yeah. I love that. I remember the first time I saw that and I remember the last time. And I’m thankful for every time in between.”

Today I’m keeping my eyes wide open. I’m going to look around me and try to see things again for the first time. Because every single day is full of gifts that have been wrapped just for me.

Keep your eyes open today. Look at the people God has put in your life. Look at the tree in your yard. See the gifts. They are all right in front of your eyes.

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