I work at a church and lead. I feel pressure sometimes to walk away and just do whatever. I am tired of being the one that the group looks up too. I feel alone sometimes and like people don't understand me. I struggle with temptations around me, that's make me doubt that this is right. I desire to have a refreshing filling of the Holy Spirit. I need hope to keep praying for those around me and not to get discouraged with long unanswered prayers. My own siblings not knowing God and my brother struggling with depression and drinking.

I am single and meet different guys as well. And I am being patient with just letting go of my control. Not rushing into anything. Or letting God direct what will be healthy.

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Don't doubt yourself. Temptations are all around us. Obviously you are amazing at what you are doing because it sounds like the devil is really trying to get to you. Don't let him win. Pray for God to take hold of you. Tell Satan to "get behind you"!!

I think being a part of leadership is a lonely job. My boyfriend is our music/worship leader and I know the pressures he feels. I'm sure he feels very lonely at times. Do you have anyone that you can talk to at all about this?

I'm sorry about your brother. I understand the drinking/depression cycle. I survived it. It's such a difficult thing to be in, and so many people don't understand. I pray that he gets help. I will also pray that your siblings can find Christ!

Danielle, you are in my thoughts and prayers! Stay strong!!

In His Grace,



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