Hi, I'm fourteen, and I have been a Christian for quite awhile now. But lately God seems so distant. I read my Bible, try to pray, but always end up feeling more depressed and lonely than before. Does God care? Why isn't He helping me? I want and need a relationship with Him so bad, but I just don't know how, I feel so empty. Please help. 

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Sweet Girl, God does care. Sometimes God seems most distant when we hold back from Him in one part of our lives. Maybe there is something you're not turning over to Him wholly. Try being honest with Him, He already knows anyway, so just tell Him in YOUR own words how you feel and see what He does. Keep your faith strong and I will be praying for you.

OMG. I totally know how you feel! I'm 16 now and around that exact age for me, I felt those exact same feelings. I still feel them now sometimes. Like I'm going through the motions, I feel God's is not using me enough; I don't feel his presence; I can't distinguish between his plans for me or my own. Almost like, I can't hear him speaking to me. You are doing whats right, what you feel you are suppose to do, but there is no passion behind it. You feel just blank. And that's the worst kind of feelings. I'll tell you this: that's the devil at work. He is trying to separate us from the love of God. If only he knew that NOTHING can separate us from the love of God. You have probably heard this a billion times but it really does work. please PRAY, my friend. Pray for peace and pray to God that you may have deeper faith in me. I'll tell you this: God is not an emotion. We aren't always going to feel him, but if we have rooted faith, in those times, we will know, no we will BELIEVE that he is there. So please, PRAY! It really changes things. As I always, I will be sure to keep you in my prayers. Take heed, and keep the FAITH!

-You are loved


It is so difficult when you are young, there is a lot against you (messages from the world about how you should look, act, what you should be into, etc.) and it is a time when you are really questioning and finding out who YOU are.  Sometimes it is hard to feel God working in all that chaos.  I always feel God most when I take time to be alone and with no distractions.  I go sit outside and just pour my heart out.  It is ok to break down and tell God how far he feels from you right now and how much you want to feel him strongly again.  It is in those low, lonely times that God can use that as an opportunity to show you that he will come back and be what you need.  Remember, there is no one right way to have a relationship with God and this is your unique journey, just be honest and pour out your heart.  Often times, I feel the most connected with God with I am serving others, you might try going to volunteer at a homeless or battered women's shelter.  Ask God to shine through you into the darkness as you serve those in need.


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