I always get suddened when I walk down the street and see a funeral possession and wonder whether the dead person knew Christ and what was his life like,the life we have is not ours it is just lent to us by God and He can take  it anytime without any warning, but how do we live most of us, we live like tomorrow is guaranteed that we will wake up and go about our lifes like we own it,we dont it doesnt belong to to us, at the end of the day we will have to give an account of what we did with it ,did we live in a way pleasing to God or did we just live it as we wanted to doing whatever ,whereever and whenever we wanted with it,having faced death and come from the brink of death i realised that this life is not mine i was fine one day and the next morning i was in the er trying hard to stay alive, God spared me though and today I know that there is an afterlife and that only those in Christ will see eternity again for the Bible says only those born of the Son and the Holy Spirit will see the Kingdom of Heaven,so how are you living your life ?are you living as you please or are you living trying to please God ? it is not just enough to go to Church on Sundays and to sing in the Choir you have to have a personal relationship with Christ be born again and you will be sure when the time comes to face death you will be saying take me home Lord take me home.

I hope that you will come to accept Christ as your personal saviour,as Joel Osteen always says He will take you places you cant imagine.


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Thank you for sharing this,  it brings us to thinking about life. 


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