Making time to be a couple and not just a couple of parents with a special needs child can be very difficult. What are some of the ways you pull together and find time for each other?

Reading an article about how parents need to make time for eachother and take a weekend away together at least once a year sounded so good to me.  Although, I could tell the artical was not geared towards the not so normal family.....the family with a special needs child. 


Over the years my husband and I have learned so much about true love, pulling together, and sacrifice.  A family with a special needs child that requires 24 hour care does not have time to be selfish in any way. I say that out of love.  There are ways to stay a couple and in love while dealing with the trials of having a special needs child.  We have done it and you can too.

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I can relate about a weekend away sounding good but not possible. In the early years it was easy with my two children for family to help out because the disability was not as demanding per se. The kids acted like very young children even though they were in preschool and early elementary school. As we had three more children including one with special needs the thought and possibilities of having alone time was rare until all five children started school. Even now date time is not guaranteed because there are days one or a couple of the kids may have issues that demand they return home before school's over for the day. Like you we share similiar experiences as time has gone by and we have adapted and sacrificed as well. God has and continues to be faithful no matter the trials and joys we face on a daily basis.

I can totally understand what you feel because i too am a mom of a child with special needs. There are some days that i don't know how i do it all than i remember i am not doing it alone my heavenly father is right by my side. Yes it is true that you feel like no one is there or gets the ordeal we face on a daily basis. My suggestion to you is to try and have a date night with your husband and you can do so by having a trusted friend or family member come over and learn how to take care of your child little by little until you feel comfortable with that person to leave your child for longer periods of time.


I have heard early on that many divorce because of the stress of a special needs child i am so thankful that my marriage is not apart of those statistics. Send little notes to each other or text message him with a romantic thought. What my husband and i do is when my son goes to preschool we talk eat breakfast together and just be. So your marriage is very important not just to the two of you but also your children.

We are guardians of our 14 yr old grand daughter. It would be wonderful if there were created a caretaker sharing network.

If we could work together to create a safe place in our communities where friends and family could come to donate time to care for children who are Special and have unique needs. Kind of like a few hours here and a few there would add up over time to provide a break for us.

Our children could stay a few days for the hours donated by family and friends while our children are watched with the trained eye of Specially Trained nurses we've oriented to our child's care needs. It would be like orienting a nurse to care for our child while they had been hospitalized except with the intent to provide a break for families to be together.

We could seek a grant and present to local businesses our ideas about creating a beautiful place which would provide a break for our children while permitting us to get away for a break. Possibly we can invite corporate participation for those weekend jaunts which may have been contributed by people who get to travel lots and who have donated some of their points for Caretaker Relief or timeshare time saved up.

Let me know what you may think. I've given lots of thought to this with a budget and have thought of a name "Sky's the Limit" in honor of our little ones. It would be a way for the community to begin to understand the plight of the abled whild also understanding the challenges of caretakers who would be thrilled with just a short break taken for granted by so many. God Bless The Care Faimilies Provide For Thoir Own and for Others with steadfast dedication.


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