Last week we had to take our son to the doctor to have his hips rechecked.  He had two hip replacements done about a year ago and one of the hips looked as though it was coming out of socket again.  Luckily, the hips are fine.  No problems there!  But, the doctor spotted a serious problem with his scoliosis.  His curve is now up to a 50 degree curve and that is not good news.  Justin is only 9, and he's small.  The doctor wants to try and wait 2 to 3 years if possible before Justin undergoes such a major surgery.  Usually children like our Justin are not braced for scoliosis, but in our case, the doctor wants to try it to see if it can slow down the progression of the curving in the spine.  We go in tomorrow for a fitting for his brace. 


Please pray for Justin.  Pray for a healing of the spine's curve.  Pray it would stop curving and begin to straighten it's self as Justin grows.  Anything is possible with God.  I know nothing happens that He doesn't already know about, and it's all for His glory.  I also know that God is in control of this situation.  I am praying to see His hand in this.





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Thank you for sharing about Justin. I will pray for him and your family.
How is Justin adjusting to the brace? I had to wear one for 2 years in high school and it takes awhile to get use to it. But after a bit it does feel better as it takes the pressure off the body. Did they tell you to put a tee shirt on underneath? I also use to pad mine in places that got sore from rubbing. I am sure they are much improved by now that was many moons ago. God is healing him and guiding you to all the right providors. I will continue to pray for his healing and your strenght and determination. Blessings Michelle

Hey Michelle.

He hasn't got his brace yet.  It will take about 3 weeks before we go back for the fitting of it.  They have little white sleeveless shirts to wear under it and he'll get a few of them.  I am hoping it works, but they said with children like Justin it's up in the air.  We will have to watch his breathing really good.  If it starts to constrict his breathing then he can't wear it. 


My prayer is the brace works so well that his spine would heal and straighten enough to where he doesn't have to go through the surgery.  As of now, they are saying he will be in brace a few years to try and post pone the surgery.

Thanks for asking about him!




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