My name is Natalie Marie;

 I’d like to introduce myself, with good intent, I have left the shelf.

A safe haven for me, unless I’m up in my tree,

But nonetheless today I am not wearing a disguise, and it feels like a welcome surprise.

For the first time in a long time I feel like I have opened my eyes.

My words that are to follow may be hard to swallow,

But ancient they seem in my minds eye, to me if only a dream, that I already know how to follow along.

It is the leading that I need in my life everyday that I forgot that was made of a song.

Each day I will pray my new ears see me through crystal clear and my words that I write of my sorrow.

To turn painful memories only in to tears to drop with them my fears to the depths of nowhere or tomorrow,

And to make damn sure clear that in no way do I dear recommend you or anyone to follow,

Where I have been in the wrong place or the wrong time doing GOD knows... what we all know by our hands,

Will just hurt you again and again you know the game like the back of your hand, dada da, da.

Now in turn to wipe this slate clean so that you know what I mean, it is not a bad dream or worse a nightmare when the news hits the stands tomorrow,

Bad things happen to good people all the time...neither here or nor there, think twice and trust your FAITH and that little thing you call..."Your" inner voice...and Godgiven mortal instincts to guide you.  And with each passing day we will look back some day and say wow what a day and be able to put it behind you. A mission I am on would be that we both do not ever have to share the same drama  and then maybe real soon I can finally let go of the wounds that keep me in pain and I might heal well from my entire life’s trauma. So I write this today, to keep me honest and but yet at bay, with myself and the direction I am heading. No matter how near or far,

When you look in your heart with the right mind and spirit it remarks in some way.

 So don’t be afraid to feel what you need, we are human and bleed, Let us all just be okay with "Our self" when "you" are off the shelf.  From my heart and soul. Natalie

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