We all go through tough times.  Each one of us has a story that is different from anothers.  That doesn't make anyone's story more or less important.  We may even have commonalities in our stories.  I am simply putting this out there.  Does anyone want to share how you made it through.  I can't speak for anyone else but I know I could use the encouragement. 

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I am still trying and praying that GOD gets me threw this .

It doesn't get easier , as the days go bye . 

I think getting 'through' something means we have to really set it down in front of God.  That means leaving the expectations out because God helps me but its not always in the way that I expect.  We cannot dictate to God.  We need to trust him, even if the outcome is something totally unlike what we want.

So pray, set down the burden, breathe and trust...



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