Well first of all, I know that praying should be exciting and you should feel closer to God, but everyday I just dread praying, I pray for the same things everyday, but I don't want to stop praying for them. I  just don't feel the way you're supposed to when you pray. I get depressed, and sometimes I'm afraid that I'm not really saved, but I have asked Jesus to come into my life.

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Number one. Prayer will NOT always be exciting and your not always going to fell closer to God. i have had person experiences where i felt i was so far from God he couldnt hear me (even though he does). I have also prayed wile crying and screaming from pain or just saddness. and if prayer is that bad than dont treat it like prayer treat it like a normal conversation with someone ells. God already knows whats in your heart even when you don't and God has heared your prayer but now hes working, and maybe ask him what you can do  to help him or if your can make a mirical happen. another thing the devil is going to constantly trick you into thinking you arent saved and if its bothering you than no harm in praying again you know. but watch out for the devil for he will try and trip you up just remember the truth.

sincerely kiersten. sorry took so long to reply

Allison, Please remember that God's three possible answers to prayer are yes, no and wait.  It does not feel good to wait, but God has a good purpose in having you wait.  Remember as well that feelings change and are not reliable indicators.  God does not change; He promises us that.  He also promises that your salvation cannot be taken away.


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