I'm having a hard time keeping up with my relationship with the Lord now that all the stress of school is here. Even before school started, I wasn't close to God because I was afraid. I don't know how to have a good relationship with Him. Now with school and dance classes on top of it, my relationship with God just stresses me out and scares me instead of making me feel better. I have been a Christian for years, but I'm stuck in a rut.

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Don't stress out! Instead have a time in the day where you make time for him. Listen to christian radio, pray, etc. 

I know reading your bible can be confusing and hard to start sometimes... there is this great novel of the bible that is written in chronological order. You should try reading this when you are free. This will help you. Also, you might want to confide in a person at your church to be your accountability partner. You can hold each other accountable to read, pray, and be a better person. 

The book is called "the story". http://www.thestory.com/home 

XOXO don't make excuses, but find a way to do what you really want. 


just relax and don't get pressured. rest in God, and remember praising and worship is to rest in God. hope this helps! :)

i can relate, i was in the same situation for all of last school year. to be honest, im pretty apprehensive about this year too, but even just praying about that and admitting your fear to God can help you strengthen your relationship with Him. school can definately be stressful, try maybe taking a couple minutes during school, like at lunch or during a free period just to focus yourself on God and on what He wants from you. my plan is to have a quiet time right when i get home from school, before getting caught up with homework and other school stressors, maybe you could try that too. you can use your dance classes to get closer to God by just dedicating them to Him and His glory. good luck :)

iv'e felt exctly the same way. when we first meet GOD it is scary because HE is an Almighty being, but the strong relationships that you might see in others like pasters didn't start out that way in their begining. you can't be in a deep relationship without getting to know the person and their heart and mind and true feelings. know that GOD is a misunderstood GOD and many have portrayed HIM wrong espesaly as an angry judgemental GOD. HE made you so HE could love you.

     i would suggest time with other belivers with HIM,watchful and thoughtful observation of pastors, and diligently dip your feet in the water each day in personal communun with HIM. doesn't matter how long,progress is progress.

     as you grow you'll come to enter even a deep sense of romance seen in his word if you compare it to other romance stories.

i would like to talk to you more in a discotion if you'd like because i know the terror of being afraid of GOD and would like to encourage you more. check out my disscotion "THE KING's" garden for an example of my relatonship with HIM.



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