My oldest son took his own life 5 months ago.He was 31 years old. I'm still struggling with his decision to end his life. He has 3 children that he loved with all his heart and he was a wonderful father. I know life wasn't easy for him, he had a criminal record which made it difficult for him to find a job, and he struggled with drugs. His marriage wasn't perfect, they had problems.( Who's doesn't) But he wasn't a quitter. He tried really hard to turn his life around and be a good decent hard working man. And he had a familly who loved him and cared about him and tons of friends he could have reached out to. I just wish he had talked to me or somebody, I miss him so much. My heart is broken.

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I am so, so sorry to hear, read of your loss. I too am a mother who lost a son was 24, died in the desert at a rave party. It is NOT easy to move past the loss of a child. Give your sorrow to in Him to carry you through the next few years. My loss is going on sixteen years...I still cry, not as often, but cry non the less. If you can, find something with meaning that will honor you son...I have found that is the best way to find meaning in something that doesn't make sense. I wrote a book! Look, I am sixty-two and got published for the very first time. Should you have any interest in reading it, it's called under a full moon. Published by Tate. Please trust me when I say, find something that will have meaning and honor you will help you deal with your loss. I will be praying for you....


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