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a Name POEM

Started by Cloyd Taylor. Last reply by Cloyd Taylor Jan 4. 2 Replies

                                              a Name POEMThere are realities and realities; there is Reality—he himself.Reality is rich, variegated, beyond perception, beyond endurance—boundless.How…Continue

Small Still Voice

Started by teresa Jul 24, 2012. 0 Replies

Oh Lord I fall upon my kneesOnly you can speak upon the most gentle breeze.I find myself to many times with a mirid of self inflicted woundsLike a wandering child who gets lost upon lifes dunes.You…Continue

My Prayer by Cynthia Lott Vogel

Started by Cynthia Lott Vogel. Last reply by Miriam L. Kline Nov 19, 2011. 1 Reply

You are music…….I am silence.The spheres resound with the melody of You…Put me in harmony--May I live atune. Disease spawned dullnessThat humbles my tongue andMumbles my thought,Flattens my…Continue

Samaritan Woman

Started by Brian McKay. Last reply by Tina Sabatino Aug 11, 2011. 3 Replies

If you know the song "American Woman" by the Guess Who (from my home town of Winnipeg Manitoba Canada) you will quickly realize that I wrote this poem/song to its tune. Hope this blesses…Continue

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Comment by Terriann Winiarz on Saturday

Surprised by Singing in the Trees


A Sunny Morning mid spring as I walk along my quiet neighborhood

Enjoying the blue-sky warmer morning almost all the snow melted

I walked along ended up near my niece’s house

All is quiet except I hear the delightful sound a thrill to my ears

I hear a familiar sound caught my attention not heard all winter!

Like the joy of hearing the First flock of geese in the sky on first day of Spring!


Suddenly I am entertained by the Beautiful sound of the American Robins

High above in the big old elm oak trees on the street greeting me!

At first I heard and saw  a couple of brilliant Red Breasted Robins looked like mostly male by

Singing in harmony their famous Trumpet-flutelike, sound like practiced drills; like the practicing for a choir!


I stood listening under the big trees no camera, just what I saw and heard.

Sounded so lovely as I stood watched was unforgettable as more Robins flew into the same tree

More joined with the first couple of Robins I heard singing first!

A triumphant easy to recognize pleasant sounds of a Chorus

Robins high in the Tree while singing for their mate like lovers of Spring!


Now the glory of spring followed by Fresh Spring Rain and warmer lovely weather

Let me remember the unforgettable American Robin, Bees shows us about nature love!

The Mating Season is now as more sound of Song that is Beautiful birds if you listen!

 I hope to enjoy more soon!

April showers will bring joyful spring flowers and warmth of our hearts.

A new day I am thankful for the blessings from God, Jesus, nature late spring!

For this gifted moment, I share the Symphony of Robins on Good Friday!


Written by the moment by© Terriann Winiarz04172014

Comment by Terriann Winiarz on December 1, 2013 at 10:13pm

Good Friends help each other no matter how Big or Awkward the Shape or Size!


Comment by Terriann Winiarz on December 1, 2013 at 10:11pm

The Best Gift to give besides possessions,

Is the Gift of Time you spend with someone

Laughing, sharing, or updating each other on events in your life

Time can be a phone call, a visit, go out to lunch, or just a Winter Wonderland walk in the snow or whatever quality time I hope to share

The Old Fashioned way--sing Carols, and appreciate good Company--

Will last longer Year round!

A Nice gift idea & possessions is nice Time Is More affordable! 


Seasons Greetings To All!

Comment by david wellmaker on September 1, 2013 at 3:54pm

The Morning Anointing

  JESUS -  You are the joy of my heart My love,My dove, My perfect one. Your face is lovely and the passion of My endurance; I long for the rise of your body and the sent of your perfumes ( fruit of the Spirit ) every morning. Let Me gaze upon you let me kiss you with the promises of love from My Words and gerd you with the clothes of rightiouesness. The clothes of Joy, the garment of athority I give to you from the straigth of My right hand. My Spirit is a river of life; The comfortings form My Love shall follow you all the day long.

   The Beloved -    I am a sleeping beuaty,the crown of creation. when the earth wakens i am the sweet aroma that beautifys the day, my breath gives off the aroma of Your sweet Word. The earth shall see it's desire for love through me, the One who is in me, let the river over flow. Enter into me my Love and do Your good pleasure. You have strangthened me with all armory. 

Comment by Terriann Winiarz on August 19, 2013 at 12:49am

In my memory today as I shared with my mother Re: August 18th; my parents celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary in our summer cottage by the Lake Winnipeg--2005.  We had a close family friends dinner & party in our yard a nice evening it was!  My dear Dad passed away September 12, 2005 from a Leukemia blood condition.  In my Mom's heart it would've been 68 years.  Had their plans changed I or my life would've been different!  Thank you God--and their Strong love & faith they showed us/me!

Comment by Terriann Winiarz on August 19, 2013 at 12:45am

Thank you God for another good weekend and Sunday!  Went for a nice morning walk, just got home before heavy rain thunder storm--almost washed my hair in the rain so much. We still went to church surprised our priest how many made it!

My prayers go out to those flooding, out of the homes in Canada and US or abroad!

I pray for a good week on my new job So Far so good! 

Comment by Terriann Winiarz on August 15, 2013 at 5:49pm

Oh Dear God

Thank you for a good day and week and all the things, work, good mental health, love, singing, Emotional Anonymous and websites like Keep the Faith to share with. I am glad for my husband, his good health and really want to succeed on my CSR job representing student loans--in Canada!

Comment by Terriann Winiarz on August 12, 2013 at 12:29am

SILENCE My Mind with God’s Peaceful Moments



Once upon a time my mind would never shut down always running tapes

Sometimes frustrated with over run nuisance thoughts anxiety always on fast forward

Now anytime of day outside of my work hours until I am outside or at home by aquarium

In the Wee hours of the day before I go to sleep after a busy hectic day

I enjoy great music, people, and the business of the day or evening

Finally alone at home with an empty peaceful mind in quiet rooms in my house

Only the purring of my cat snoring of my husband

Only a faint sound possibly a mouse or a pin drop bubbling sound of fish tank

All the noise worrying of my mind on fast forward is erased blanked into silence

How I love the gift of enjoyment peaceful heart and mind and like in a forest where I love to be

A favourite break on my ears nerves time with God the silence meditation we share

To be able to hold onto keep my peace of mind all day feels no worries or loud noise

People talking on the phone over loud voices some yelling or pour telephone reception all day

I love to look forward to the end of the day out in the country no traffic or at just

Enjoy the gift of quiet peaceful content no thoughts as I enjoy No Noise a relaxing way to begin or end the day!

Amen! Thanks

God I can hear you and that natural world the birds I enjoy better.  It has Taken So Long to appreciate!

Written by Terriann Winiarz April 25, 2012

May peace safety Love be with us!

Comment by Terriann Winiarz on July 22, 2013 at 1:39am


Shimmering Nervous leaves on the poplar trees look like laughing in the wind

So green thick oval leaves turn inside out in the sunshine after the heavy rain storm

Thunderous loud trembles are felt within the walls of the house

Flashes of lightning jump dance all over the night sky

Everything is lit in a flash!

Heavy rain pours from the mountains, sky to the prairies

Reminds me like the storm flood of Noah’s Ark so many years ago

So many flooded washed away as it is a new day or found shelter

Let the lord move our souls pray for help,

Let our new faith spirit love be restored

Now the storms have turned into blue sunny skies warm temperatures

We have good reasons to pray for help from our heart and soul

God Bless so Many struggling through our own personal storms may the Faith Love Light from This Day forward May Jesus Shine on you”!

©t Monday, July 22, 2013

Comment by Lydia Obispo on May 26, 2013 at 10:57am
Keep the faith

When times seems hard
& dreams seems shred
Don't ask for why's
But keep the faith

Keep your eyes focused on the High
Keep your heart open for the right
Keep your mind settled on the best
& keep your faith as that you have

When hope seems gone
And tears are on
Please look around and find the One
He is always near who shall you fear?

Keep your smile shinning as life is great
Keep that great humor of teas and please
Keep through great prayers praising Him
& keep the faith going till all this last

Now you are stronger
You passed the test
You look forward to all the best
He promised health, love and prosperity
All this is possible whenever we believe
That He is forever faithful
And His word he always keep!

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