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There are realities and realities; there is Reality—he himself.

Reality is rich, variegated, beyond perception, beyond endurance—boundless.

How else can dust, water, and breathe appreciate

     beauties and glories, mysteries and marvels

     but by breathe having entered?

Some of us will be awed to destiny,

     to bearing the likeness, Reality.

     We will be verbs, poems.

     Can is possibly be that

      i, me!???, will have an identity,

     a secret new name, a white stone?


for now cloyd taylor


Traditionally in the Old Testament the name of God, the tetragrammaton, YHWH is translated Lord in all small caps. This site doesn't allow small caps so I made the text Red wherever small caps are intended. His name expresses his essence. This is the distinction intended by myths, myths (a noun; it is not capitalized but bearing the essence of the “I am”) and Myth (a proper noun, capitalized).

See the attached "a Name POEM16.pdf" to view it as intended.

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I hope this posted.

Consider the possibilities for HTML poetry. A word or letter could be active to click or hover near and could add content on screen or take to another page with text, images, music, or video.


Jesus died for me.

As the cursor approaches ("hovers") the entire sentence a song could begin playing ("Jesus died for me").

When the cursor hovers above "Jesus" an image of Jesus could appear on the page for as long as the hover continues (or a specified number of seconds).

When "Jesus" is clicked a new page could open showing a slideshow of images about Jesus (with or without audio).

Any word (or even space on the screen) could lead to an "Easter egg" - i.e., images of the resurrected Jesus.

The depth of creativity could explode!


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