“Christmas—Reflections and Symmetry” Cloyd Taylor 12/7/2014 for Summit Assisted Living

Christmas—Reflections and Symmetry


The eternal Word

         ever God and ever with God

became a helpless babe, a mere child

         that he could be ever with us and for us

         that we could be children of God.


There is an exchange of gifts—

Jesus came to earth

         to take us to heaven.

He descended

         so we can ascend,

he stooped down

                 (oh so far)

         to lift us up

                 (to the heights).

Jesus became a child of a woman

         that we may be children of God.

Jesus taught on earth

         that we may learn of heaven,

         the home God planned for us.

Jesus taught of death

         that we may learn life

         —the way is death

         his for us and others

         ours for him and others.

Jesus healed

         to make us well,


         so we could follow,


         to give us life—

         forgiven and loved,

         loving and forgiving,

         now and into eternity.


There is an exchange of gifts—

         what do we give him?

He needs nothing.

He wants only our good

         that we stand firm, erect, mature, loving.

He wants to train us

         to walk and live in love,

         to live and breathe with gratitude and by blessing others,

         to die daily to self,

         to become co-creators with him,

                 to grow a new self,

                 to become a new and glorious self,

                 to reflect his glory,

                 to put on his glory,

                 to follow him to glory,

         to become like him in glory—goodness—love.

He wants for us, from us, to grant us

         that we can be a glorious gift to him.

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