Come Thou Fount Of Holy Blessing


The sun seems to shine through the brightest of mornings.

All of earth raises it's head to receive the gift of light.

But what if for some reason sunshine chose not to show up?

Would we simply bow our heads to pray, ask the Lord to stay

Just a little bit longer, rocking our hearts back to rest?

Would we stand up and be counted, wanting to go out and profess;

Sharing faith with those despairing through their hour of fear and dread?

Would we energize the masses, calling all to be Spirit lead?

"Come Thou Fount of Eternal Blessing" is our cry throughout the night.

Come relieve the pain and suffering, help our spirits to abide

Safely in the arms of Jesus as the pain slowly subdues;

Wanting Someone just to lead us to that place of platitude.

Come Thou Fount of Holy Blessing, help us now to worship You..

..Where do we run to when we're not crying for the Lord to bring reprieve?

We need salvation in tribulation when everything's in fear of loss.

Never remembering, never surrendering when it's time to pay the cost.

All of us waiver, all of us stammer when it's time to satisfy

The Holy Father, taking us farther, trusting that He's our sole supply.

Could we remember to fully surrender when God is calling us to go?

Could we remember to fully surrender when He is calling us to grow?

~Jet <3

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