When freedom comes and cells are shaken

When Jesus reigns we're unforsaken

The truth inside the One Who made us

Will conquer death - it won't belay us

He'll lift us high above the water

On eagle's wings, we will not falter

Our God on high always supplies

His love sustains and does provide

A course to freedom within His feathers

Our chains undone, our souls unfettered

This freedom ride will always save us

A permanent procurement with the One Who made us

So praise His name! Rise up and sing!

Soar up above within God's love!

Fly high upon your eagle's wings!

And worship Him in truth and love!


††† Isaiah 40:31

        But those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength

        They shall mount up with wings like eagles

        They shall run and not be weary

        They shall walk and not faint

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