Folded up like paper DOLLS, left alone despite the cause

Is there one to meet them there? Is there one to show they care?

Do we see beyond the numbers? Can we perceive the distant thunders

Rolling through their hearts and minds? Can somebody find the time

To reveal an ounce of grace, to reflect the Father's face?

Oh, I know that time's awasting and the Lord is coming soon

But distraction keeps abasing all the souls in servitude

Do we feel the Father's anger, do we care to know so much

To be present in that moment when the Lord reveals His touch

So much passion and despondence, so much angst against this sin

Could we dare to join the army, choosing now to enter in

To do battle with the masses doing harm to boys and girls

Fighting solely for their freedom so the Lord's love will unfurl

Bringing victory over the liar, who once let their pain transpire

Shining Light for their deliverance, praying God will start a Fire

In each longing heart who cries for salvation to begin

Praying God will bring true freedom as the Spirit enters in


Dear Lord,

Help us to live our lives with eyes wide open. Help us not to live in denial and apathy. Allow our hearts to burn for justice for those locked in hiding, for those paraded on the streets, for those stolen from their families, living lives of pain and defeat. Help us to be a voice and to make this cause someday obsolete.

In Jesus name, Amen <3

***learn more about human trafficking at:

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