Hello,  My name is Jessica.  I have been a christian for 8 years now and continue to struggle with fear and worry.  There are times, especially in the times of trials that I face, I doubt God, feel fearful, and worry about what tomorrow may bring.  Right now I am facing a situation at work that has me stirred down to the core of my being and has brought me the worst fear and worry.  Although I doubt at times, I know who my place of refuge is, and I have been praying through God's promise to me found in Isaiah 43:1-5.  He promises me that he will see me through the rivers, and will not leave me.  Yet, I find myself taking a conscious effort into surrendering my thoughts to him, most of the time minute by minute.  I'm desperate for him to work in me and am desperate to freed from fear/worry.  Please join with me and intercede on my behalf that God would give me freedom, and that I would have a renewed mind.  Thank you for becoming one of my prayer families!!  Blessings

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I have been where you are now.  The plain fact is you are going to have to make a choice.  You are either going to have to go with the temptations to doubt or you are going to have to make that leap of faith and trust the Creator of the Universe.  I look around at His creation and I have to wonder why I bother doubting.  He is so great and awesome and His power to change our lives is beyond any human mind to conceive.  Then I have to ask myself is He not great enough to guide my life and provide what I need.  I would rather take my chances with the trust and promises of the Creator of the Universe than to rely on the doubts that the father of lies who weaves into our thoughts then doubts. If God can build and run a universe and guide and hold  everything in this universe together, then He certainly can handle our problems, if we will allow him to.  As long as we cling to doubt, we are not trusting Him.  We must trust Him for Him to be able to help us.

I understand where you are, but I just gave my whole retirement issue over to Him.  I have health issue and a job that has turned into a pressure cooker for me.  I finally asked Him what I should do about retirement. He answered my prayer, I am peace with retiring and trusting Him to help me.   I will be retiring on on 2/1/14.  This was a large step for me.  I hope you will find the peace in trusting Him that I have found. 


Thank you for your words of encouragement.  I agree, why doubt when the evidence of God is all around me.  I have really been thinking about what you said, I need to make a decision either to doubt or trust God.  I'm choosing to trust in the God who redeemed me! 


 Good choice.  You will never be lead astray by trust in Him. I will keep you in my prayers that the Holy Spirit will guide you as you step forth in faith and trust.  Listen to the small voice of the Spirit, take that time.  Learn to know when the Spirit is speaking and guiding you, you will never go wrong if you do.

God Bless


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