I used to be really close to God when I lived with my parents and was always with my friends because they were accountable. Since I moved away 2 years ago I have gone so many wrong ways and even doubted God's existence because of my selfish motives. I have gone so far away from God and I am trying to get back on track, find a bible-believing fellowship near me(am new here) and be the prayerful person I always was. I have talked to my christian friends and my parents and they have been encouraging me constantly, I could however use more prayers from believer like you. God bless.

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Praying for you. Dont give up on yourself God hasnt.

i went through dought and going the wrong ways to, more than i can count, even doubting GOD's existance. many tragic periods in my life one after another and searching for love and exeptance through my friends, knowing GOD was the only answer. i relate to how you feel, but continue to stay strong in the knowledge and wisdom that the Word gives; hold firmly the scriptures that speak to you, for that is how HE speaks to you;knowing how to decern head knowledge from heart knowledge. GOD Loves you and so do i, know matter how many times you leave Him( i being guilty of that), you can always turn around. i'm praying for you. stay strong.(:


thanks a lot d.s wellmaker, I was so overwhelmed for a while because i was seeking refuge elsewhere instead of looking to God, I have a very supportive church growth group now full of very wise people, and I have made it a habit to read my bible daily and talk to mature christians and just learnt a lot in those few days, I feel so much better like the old me, I'll keep on keeping the faith and trusting God everyday. Thanks

I understand how you feel about sensing a distance when you know in your heart that you have drifted away from God. When I feel that way it is usually because there are things I have not confessed to God in prayer asking for His mercy, Grace and forgiveness. Jesus died so that we would be cleansed of our sins. Once you have accepted Christ as your Lord and Savior you are a New Creation in Him. Lay your guilt and shame at the foot of the Cross and believe the Word of God. He never leaves you or forsakes you. Remember no one can do this for you, you must do it for yourself. Having a relationship with God takes time and obedience. Fear not, you are not alone. 



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