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Prayer is a way of serving God, it's like breathing. Here, you can pray, share your thoughts, and pray for others. Please use this group to focus on PRAYER. This group is not to give advice, but to pray.

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We are praying for the folks who have suffered so much from this week's disaster

"My understanding of God does not permit me to accept that every bad or good thing that occurs is a reward or punishment. There are times when bad things happen to good people ... We need consolation, not anger; love, not hate. The God I serve and pray to daily has charged me not to blame but to help." -- Jerome Epstein

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Prayer for deliverance from Depression and Anxiety

Started by Justin Sanderford. Last reply by Doris Haynes Sep 21, 2016. 2 Replies

Hello everyone! I would like to ask for you all to join me in prayer that JESUS will deliver me from depression and Anxiety. I know JESUS is a powerful healer for HE healed me over 5 year's ago from…Continue


Started by Parker. Last reply by Karla Y Coco Aug 15, 2016. 1 Reply

Hey everyone my name is Parker and I'm 19 years old. This fall will be my first year of college and I'm very stressed out about it. I'm going to college to try to get a job at SeaWorld in the future.…Continue

Prayer Request for Healing

Started by Karla Y Coco. Last reply by Susan Kennedy Jul 10, 2016. 1 Reply

Please keep me in prayer for my upcoming routine physical Mon., 7/18.  I have had some perplexing medical issues for a few months now (I would have gone to Dr. soooner but she left the practice for a…Continue

Granddaughter ranaway

Started by ANNE SMITH. Last reply by Susan Kennedy Nov 30, 2013. 3 Replies

Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ please pray for a safe return of my 14 yr.old granddaughter, who ran a way and has been recently diagnosed with a mental disorder. Parents and friends are…Continue

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Comment by Diane R on October 8, 2011 at 5:40pm
Please pray for me.  I've given my concerns to God and am awaiting his divine guidance.  I want to further my education so I can become an educator.  I also think I am meant to speak publicly about things in my past to I might help others avoid the pain I've faced.  Thanks for this bog site and thinks for the prayers...
Comment by Deede Bishop on September 27, 2011 at 3:26pm
Friend just called me and ask to pray diligently so he wont have to miss work bcuse of his back . He has a herinated disk and is addicted to pain pills and its affecting his work. he doesnt want to have to take pills but its only thing that eases the pain. Please pray God will heal
Comment by Deede Bishop on September 27, 2011 at 3:23pm
urgent need of prayer for friends back .Pray that god will heal his back.
Comment by Jeri Sue Wilson on September 27, 2011 at 11:22am
Want to post this while I am thinking about it...I have an interview tonight with a family that has a 7 week old baby boy! I turned this one down last week, then Mon got a call from the agency, the dad had called wanting to know what it would take to get an interview with me...I decided to move forward with it this week. Last week when I turned them down it was for a few reasons, and I was also not in the best frame of mind as the beginning of last week was a hyper-emotional time, but I'm definitely better this week. The stress of the whole unemployment thing sometimes get to me:-(

Since this family is pursuing me, I take it as God saying I need to do this...What comes to mind is the person deserted on an island and asking God to save him. God sends 3 or 4 different means, yet the person isn't seeing these items as means of rescue. The person dies, asks God why HE didn't rescue him and God tells him he sent all those means to do so but they were rejected or not seen as help. I want to go into this interview with my eyes open and have definite clarity to whether this is the job for me or not, to come away with a peace of yes or no. Thanks for all the prayers during the past 3 1/2 months...they have been very appreciated!!!
Comment by Shelley on September 27, 2011 at 11:00am
I apologize for the type errors, I think faster than I type and it comes out sounding not very grammar like.
Comment by Shelley on September 27, 2011 at 10:58am

I pray everyday for the strength and courage of God. My boyfriend of now 6 years and we share a child, decided to cheat on me the summer of 2009 for several months. I have since been gaining strength as time goes on. I have forgiven him, but I am having a hard time trusting him in a lot of ways. He feels that I have had plenty of time to get over it and that I either trust him now or I do not. He has not talks of marriage. We were engaged at the time and he has not given the ring back to me since.

I am also discourage because I graduated with honors May 2010 with a Bachelor's Degree in Education and I have not been able to find a teaching position. Myself and 9 others graduated from the same academy within the university and they found jobs right after graduation. I know God has a plan for me but sometimes I feel so lost. I love God but it so hard to have the strength of patience. God Bless You

Comment by Marie Gann on September 10, 2011 at 8:25pm
Please pray for my daughter..I believe that she is bio-polar and will not admit she has a problem.  My mom witness her hitting my granddaughter while she tried to hide from her mom.  We made the painful decision to call DFACS on her to have the children removed from her custody and go live with dad until she gets help.  I ask that you pray that she hears God's voice guiding her help and she obeys.  I am deseperae for prayers for her.   God bless you all!
Comment by Jeri Sue Wilson on September 9, 2011 at 3:29pm
An update on my friend Tony who was in the hospital...He has been released.  He had his surgery Wed and was sent home Thur morning.  He is still in a lot of pain and still needing a lot of prayer.  The Dr said that it will take a few days for the "heat" in his nerves to cool down for him to start noticing any feeling in his hand.  This  incident with his neck seemed to be a wake-up call to other issues as well...He was diagnosed with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high sugar, and low white blood cell count:-(  Please keep him in your prayers as he works through all of this.  Thanks and Blessings!!!
Comment by Jeri Sue Wilson on September 6, 2011 at 9:32pm
My brother Clint was diagnose recently with stage 3 cancer of the stomach and esophagus.  He is only 41 and recently returned from a 1 yr deployment in Afghanistan with the Army.  He will finally be starting treatments...this is what my sister-in-law shared at this point: "Hello everyone, Here is an up date. Clint will be starting his Kemo & Radiation treatments on Sept 12th. for 6 week for the first go around, He will be doing a 5 month regiment of Kemo & Radiation treatments then he will go back and repeat all the test to see if the cancer mass has shrunk. Thanks for all your prayers."
They were checking some kind of levels today to make sure everything is lined up to start it all on Mon. She has posted how he is frustrated and angry because he can't do things like help with his hay barn or bend to pick things up. I really HATE cancer!!! I have known too many people who have had to deal with it this year, some for a repeat, some who have lost their battle. Thanks & Blessings!!!
Comment by MyLifeAsJackie on August 29, 2011 at 11:10am

I'm in need of a prayer,

These last 4 year i been a 18 girl that has been fighting Depression! It's taking over my whole life. Every night i go to sleep in tears asking why is everything happening to me... I need a source of hope for the future.Emotional support form everyone would be helpful.It seem like no one gets me. I'm fighting everyday alone and not sure how much more i can take.


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