The best and hardest way to get over addictions is to fast them.  Fasting is when you lay off something you think is more important than God is.  I know it's sounds hard, but there are many creative ways to help you.  If you're addicted to food, just eat fruits and veggies and drink only water.  If it's video games, keep everything unplugged or at least play something Godly.  If it's porn, stay off that darn computer.  But don't just do absolutely nothing; otherwise, your desire to get back to your addictions will increase very quick.  Instead, just keep reading the Bible, study it, and take notes.  Do this for like a week and you'll be addicted to only God's word soon enough. :)

Remember, it's your flesh asking you to sin so it can survive.  Listen to your spirit calling you to feed it with some more God. :)

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