I am here just for JUDGMENT & GUILT free friendship and fellowship. I haven't a major catastrophe at the moment, give it a day or two or maybe even a couple hours, something will pop! I am single mom. I have 3 children. 11, 9 & 7. My oldest is special needs: epilepsy, developmentally delayed w/a significant amount of brain damage. I have my own issues, on top of years of abuse childhood on, I have been given a Dx of bipolar 9 years ago - so emotions run high in our home. (I am also an emotional over eater) Christian music is the only thing that has kept me connected to Christianity. I have read on Buddhism and Islam. Actually embraced them both at one point.  I am a very, open minded creative person, I am taking classes at Ashford UNV online. I struggle to sit on my hands. BUSY on the outside, busy in my mind but still feel like I sit around like a bump on a log, lazy as a sloth - and my disorganized home seem to reemphasize this notion. Any other Mommies with similar struggles, maybe not all but some? Any older ladies "survive" and make it to the other side?  Is life with out a "partner" in any capacity all that scary? I have heard blended families are a farce, but I so want to be held and touched and loved by a real life man who means it. Maybe in the grand scheme of things that is a selfish request but, there it is.. Also, I have a job interview Tuesday and I will be applying for an Interior Design job later today so prayers on both of these important opportunities would be great. 

Ok - Here is to new friends!

Have a great day ladies! 

Casandra Jeune

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