So I sit here and look at my son who is about to start pre-k and smile because im so happy he is becoming such a big boy. Im happy but cant help feel a little sad I have been a single mom since my oldest som was six months. I have done it all by myself raising two wonderful boys they have the same dad and they do see him and spend time with him but its more when its convenient for him my boys love there dad and I know there dad loves them in his own way. Its seems like in order for him to do anything with our boys its a compromise which I dont like but I want my kids to have there dad. He hasnt been to there birthdays and my oldest is four and my youngest is two and there dad always has a reason why he cant be there but his always there for his other son who I adore I treat his other son the way I treat my boys. My son is going togo to prek there his dad more than likely wont be there. And I know my son had Gods lobe mmy lobe and ,y family and his dads family who loves him but I just pray that there dad would put more of an effort to being there for our boys. It gets tiring of always compromising with there dad shouldnt he want to be there. I know God has something planned for my boys and I.

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Sarah, keep on praying and never give up, GOD is in control!! You are doing a phenomenal job with your boys :0) I have two boys as well (11 yrs. and 7 months) and both have different dad and none of theri father are in the picture but I am hanging on to GOD and I know my boys have the love of GOD :0)

Hi Sara, 

I too am a single mother of a 5 year boy and I went through the same thing when he first started daycare. I felt guilty, and sad for him, especially when father's would come and pick up their children. But I want to tell you that God IS ENOUGH! It will be hard at first, but remember that God only wants the best for you and your children always. Perhaps at this moment their dad would not be the best influence in their lives, maybe in a few years he will wake up and decide that he wants to be a better father. We don't know the answer to that, but what we do know is that God has our back! :) He will be our comfort, our strength and source of peace! Just keep reminding yourself that, yes God does have a wonderful plan for you and your boys and the enemy also has a plan. Take heart, stay courageous and keep asking God to give you strength to go through these days. I know when your boys look back, and understand they will so proud to call you their mother!

Take care sister!


Hi Sarah,

I've been a single mom since my boy was 3. He's 12 now.  He see's his dad, and shares time with his dad and 2 step-brothers (his dad's boys after we were divorced).  I know being a single mom is not an easy life, but with God's love and your family around you and your son's father's family pouring their love into your boys, they will be fine.

Sometimes it takes time for some fathers to come around; some do and some don't. But as long as you're there for them, they KNOW in their hearts they are LOVED!


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