I was listening on my radio this morning & heard a call from a single mom of 4 who's found a great man to be a dad to her children. Even though that's awesome for her I can't seem to understand why God provides some single moms with help & others like me with no one. I'm a single mom of 3. I haven't dated in 5 years & it sucks being a single mom of 3 trying to raise them by yourself while trying to make a career! I'm tired of being lonely & my oldest 2 kids keep asking when they're going to get a real dad. One that does things with us as a family, goes to their events, cubscouts all that stuff & I can't answer them!

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Honestly their dads aren't in their lives. My oldest is the one who voices his mind & wants a real dad that will do things with him, help me & such!
Terra Fuller said:

It tickles me that your children say a real dad...they have great wisdom from all that has happened in their life.
Jen, it will happen one day... Keep praying, and be specific when you pray, for the Word says that God will fulfill the Desires of your Heart! If we do our 'Will' we tend to get it wrong some how, but when we allow God to guide, and do it in his time... The blessing will be in abundance! I also feel lonely, and sometimes frustrated that I can't find some one to share with, and love....and it's been only 2 years (wow, I can't believe I said 'only' :-)....

Greetings. Ask God. He has promised to give us the desires of our hearts but we must seek Him first. Matthew 6:33. If and when he gets ready for you to be married it will happen. Remember He is God and has your best interest in mind.

Jen, how's it going now that it has been a few months?


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