Being single is hard enough but it's even tougher when you're single and divorced. I've watched people frown when I tell them i'm divorced even without them knowing about the facts. Sometimes I feel like an outcast around my brothers and sisters in Christ and probably feel more accepted by my secular friends. By and by im realizing that Matthew 5:32 holds more weight than any other commandment in the Bible. It appears to me that every sin can be forgiven except for divorce that is not based on immorality. I've read articles and heard sermons where preachers warn Christians against marrying a divorcee whose separation wasn't based on adultery. So I'm guessing that it's ok to stay in an abusive relationship because it bears no grounds for divorce.  My question to you Christian single men and women on this site is, in all honesty, would you even consider fellow Christian who is divorced? Thanks

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I personally would consider a divorced Christian for a relationship leading to marriage, but I think the reason for Matthew 5:32 is that in a situation like that reconciliation in God's wisdom and timing through prayer is always possible, and would be the best outcome.

If you are not accepted because you are divorced it is those who do not understand The Word of God there are more reasons to divorce then most people know. and to rightly study the scripture is important. ask  the Holy Spirit to teach you what the Word of God teaches. Most people stand on what they have heard and not what the Bible teaches. It is a shame that divorced people are treated like second class Christians. Pray for those and seek Gods will for your life He is not done with you yet he has a plan for your life.I would consider a divorced person, I am divorced and I am able to work in my church not all churches treat they divorced people wrong. hang in there. but seek where God wants you to be.


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