Hi!! I am currently a Junior at Chapelgate Christian Academy, which is located at MD.

Being a student is one of the most stressful part of life. It never ends!!

After tests, there are more tests, and after that there are exams!!!

Not only that, high school drama can drive you crazy!!!

Through this group, I would like our members to discuss the problems in our lives, encourage each other and pray for each other.

-In His name



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i am a sophomore at flowery branch high school witch is in GA i am currently on summer vacation, and I'm currently in the middle of so much drama my head just might explode, but its gotten a thousand times better -kiersten

That's great!! I am glad that you saved your head. :)

I believe that God gives us trials in order for us to grow stronger and stronger spiritually. Now don't mistake me; I do hate troubles but without them, it would be hard to become wise and courageous!! Well tell me more about your high school life. I should very much like to read them!!

May God Bless you


well right now it has basically gone down but me and this guy were dating very strong devout christian but that all went down hill after his grandfather died so my parents cut it off for many many reason. he didn't take that very well and it went on and on it got to the point to were my parents blocked his number from my phone. he didn't take that good either. he is also have some horrible problems with his dad witch is adding on to it and im very very worried about him, and im also worried that i have lost one of my best friends. but at this moment Some family members are staying at my house the have three grand kids between 6-9 (the kids live with them because there mom is very very far from God) they can not control them and the kids are defiant don't listen and the grandparents don't enforce anything that they tell the kids. what is also driving me nuts is they were supposed to leave this Thursday but keep adding days from Thursday to maybe Sunday and me and my mom are about to explode and need prayer so we don't, so that's basically it lol


I m so sorry I was busy these days!!! I hope you can resovle this problem. I believe God has a better plan for you and your friend. He has a plan bigger than any of our dreams. Another thing is that through this struggle, you can get stronger and wiser spiritually. I wish you the best!! Keep praying!!!


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