Hi I'm Morgan. I am a freshmen in highschool and I feel like I will never find the right guy. Three of the guys I had a crush on were stolen by a "friend". I recently had a crush on a guy and I told one of my really good friends about it ( not the one that took the other guys) and she told me that she also had a crush on him. I seriously though the liked me but he asked out my friend and since I kinda feel like I am never going to find the guy that is ment for me. I tried to talk to my other friends about it but they are too busy with their boyfriends. What should I do?

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Hey Morgan,

I know how hard it can be to be the girl without the boyfriend while all your friends seem to get them so easily. I am grown now and realize that God had a plan to preserve me for my husband that might not have happened if I had gotten all the guys I thought I was crazy about. Most of them would not have been good for my purity. I was lonely, but filled up my time with friends and other stuff. Being a freshman is so hard and I know you will hate hearing this, but you have plenty of time to find a guy. My hope and prayer for you is that you won't "find" a guy, but that you will let God bring one into your life at just the right moment and that your relationship with him will honor God. It also sounds like you need to get some new friends. Find some that are not so concerned with finding a boyfriend, but are strong Christians who live out their walk. I had a friend who went out with a boy I finally had gotten to go out with the night he broke up with me...some friend. After that, she wouldn't talk to my anymore. Those kind of friends will come and go and hopefully they will go. Find some godly people that you really want to be like and try to follow their example. Keep walking beside Jesus and that boy will catch up to you. When you feel lonely, reach for your Bible and hear from the ONE who will always love you and never leave you lonely. He will never leave you or forget about you. You matter to Him and He is watching over every part of your life, whether or not you can see or feel Him right now.

Hey Morgan !!!

This issue of feeling alone and being lonely is not uncommon  , i graduated from highschool last year . I did go through alot of the same things as you are ! And i still am single but have learned that there is more to life then boys. As crazy as it sounds , Jesus is enough .... and it will take time for him to actually reveal that to you. focus on loving your friends and enjoying school . How big is your school anyways ? It can be hard to see past the feeling of lonelyness , but dont forget you have so much more ahead of you then to be in a relatonship now , highschool is not the be all end all .... beilive it or not you wont talk to half the people you are friends with now after highschool . Praying for you :)


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