Angel Tree

When Angel Tree kids receive a Christmas gift from their parent in prison, hope enters their lives.
This Christmas KeepTheFaith is partnering with Prison Fellowship to make sure these kids aren’t forgotten.
Your gift reaches hurting children with a Christmas gift and the Gospel.

Call 1-855-60-ANGEL today!


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Angel Tree changes lives...real lives. And for eternity. 

Antonio was in prison and now he is an Angel Tree volunteer. Listen to his story of God's radical love right here:

Adam Stevenson shares his story of being a recipient of Angel Tree to becoming a volunteer:

Jenny's husband lost his way, but Angel Tree allowed him to show his children that they are still loved during the holidays:

When Angel Tree kids receive a Christmas gift from their parent in prison, hope enters their lives.  Listen to Greta's story here:

Thinking about becoming an Angel Tree volunteer?  Listen to Elaine Bates' story right here:

Jeff Hopper shares how his brave daughter made him decide to give himself to God:

Hear Michelle's amazing story about the woman that changed her life through Angel Tree:

Hear first hand how a mother's life was completely turned upside down when her husband was incarcerated and how Prison Fellowship's Angel Tree displayed the love of Christ to her and her two children.  Listen here to LeAnne's compelling story on Keep The Faith.

Listen to Annabelle's story of how God's love was made real to her through Angel Tree:

Judy shares her story of how God blessed a family during Christmas through Angel Tree:

Listen to Raquel share about a second chance for her father that came through Angel Tree:

For most of us, Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year, but for 1 out of every 43 kids in this country with a mom or dad in prison, it's a sad and lonely time.  Your gift will help these truly innocent victims of crime know they are loved. No child should ever miss Christmas.  Give your year-end tax deductible gift by calling 1-855-60-ANGEL.

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