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God designed marriage to be a beautiful partnership—the foundation for a flourishing family. Yet popular blogger Becky Thompson noticed a repeated theme as she heard from the young mothers reading her blog. Woman after woman reached out, saying, “I have been so focused on being a mom that I don’t remember how to love my husband. I think it is too late. What can I do?”

“Truly, time and children have a way of changing every area of our married lives. But what if we could rekindle that fresh sort of love?” Thompson writes. “We might not be able to go back to the beginning; we might not even want to. The lessons we have learned in the time that has passed are invaluable. But what if we could couple the lessons we’ve learned in our married lives with the acts of love that came so effortlessly in our early days of courtship?”


Love Unending: RediscoveringYour Marriage in the Midst of Motherhood is Thompson’s thoughtful, encouraging answer. In her follow up to the popular Hope Unfolding. Thompson suggests that readers can stop their marriages from ending by reigniting how they felt towards their husbands in the beginning. Written in her encouraging and down-to-earth style, Thompson invites women to join her on a 21-day journey to rediscover their marriages in the midst of the day-to-day demands of motherhood.

Becky Thompson encourages us to embrace God's divine will.

Becky Thompson, author of Scissortail SILK, a blog that draws a global audience of millions shares her endearing blogpost to moms and dads that went viral.

Becky Thompson tells KeepTheFaith about what she has learned about marriage, right here:

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