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The late master wordsmith Calvin Miller wrote beautifully poignant letters to those influential voices who have preceded us into eternity—showing us how to live and love now, so that none of us leaves this life with unfinished business.
In these masterfully written letters to heaven, Calvin Miller thanks, lovingly reflects on—and sometimes confesses his regrets to—the departed influences in his life. Some are names familiar to us all (C. S. Lewis, Oscar Wilde, Johnny Cash); others he knew well; and some he only admired from a distance. But all brought a brightness to his life or challenged him to live more fully in some way. Aware that eternity for any of us is only a step away, Miller has sought to complete the unfinished business of life by writing letters to those who have passed on. This moving work will not only elicit a desire in readers to reconcile all things unfinished, but teach the living about the importance of people and the treasure of faith while holding out for us all the hope that awaits.
LISTEN TO KEEP THE FAITH for our "Letters to Heaven" segments as Calvin shares for the first time how writing these letters impacted his life!  On our program you will hear portions of his letters to people like Farrah Fawcett and Todd Beamer.  You will also find letters to his mother and personal friends very touching and they just may open the gateway for healing in your own life.

To read Chapters 1 AND 2 of Calvin Miller's latest book, "LETTERS TO HEAVEN", click HERE.

Listen to portions of LETTERS TO HEAVEN here on Keep The Faith:


Want to write your very own LETTER TO HEAVEN to someone who has gone on before you? Have words to express that you never got to share before they passed? Now's your opportunity.


*Click HERE for your very own LETTERS OF HEAVEN stationary, courtesy of Worthy Publishing. OR, if you want to share your LETTER TO HEAVEN with others on KEEP THE FAITH, you may do so HERE.



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