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There are over 30 million kids and teens in America alone with special needs. 30 MILLION! As a result, millions of families cannot take their children to church because they don’t have adequate programs for their needs. And, in other countries around the world the need can be even greater.

Enter Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. More and more families with special needs children were coming through the church doors looking for a place they could call "home." Many had tried other churches but were turned away. Lakewood began to recognize that God wanted members to do something. These families were feeling rejected in society and feeling rejection from churches. Pastor Craig Johnson knew that Lakewood needed to extend God's love and acceptance to these amazing families so he created "Champions Club" for special needs.

In 2005, upon moving into their new facility, Champions Club became the dream and desire of Lakewood to help families with special needs children. Three years later, in March of 2008, Champions Club became a reality for Lakewood Church. Three Hundred new families with special needs kids joined the church within 6 months. Finally, they had found a place they could call "home."

Today, Champions Clubs have expanded through out the United States and in countries around the world. Pastor Craig's team offers help through consultation, training, fundraising, and speaking to help churches, schools and organizations launch their own special needs programming.

“Special needs is rising at an alarming rate around the world. Every country I visit says the same thing…we are meeting more special needs families needing help and we don’t know how to help them. Autism is now the #1 developmental disability in the world. These families are hurting, feel rejected and forgotten. But there is hope.”

-Pastor Craig Johnson, Founder

Written with transparency and humor, Champion will inspire those in the middle of an unexpected trial to rise up and become someone’s champion.  Champion is available NOW!

KeepTheFaith Radio has continued to produce segments on this amazing commitment that one church has made. We encourage your church to step up your game and follow Pastor Craig's lead. Here are some of those amazing segments we've produced to inspire your team:

Craig Johnson tells us how he was motivated to establish Champions Club, right here:

Craig Johnson and Glady's amazing story of how she found hope and happiness.

Craig Johnson describes the miracle transformations that happen through his Champions Club.

Craig and Samantha Johnson and how they had to rely on each other to get through difficult times.

Lydia Rios talks about how the Champions Club at Lakewood Church is taking care of her family.

Interested in bringing Champions Club to your area?  Click here to get started.

For more information about Champions Club

or to purchase your copy of "Champions Curriculum," click HERE.


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