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Contagious Love brings the hidden and prominent inspirational disability stories of people, ministries and churches to the forefront of America. Since the launch of this initiative in 2017 and through today on KeepTheFaith Radio, we witness the stories of disability champions that we've produced over the past few years such as Joni Eareckson Tada, Nick Vujicic, Bethany Hamilton, Jen Bricker, Kevin Laue among many others. This monumental effort is designed to be all-inclusive, inviting all with a heart for Special Needs to participate at no expense to each of these ministries. The sole purpose of this ground-breaking initiative is to inspire local ministries to engage and support those families with special needs. 

There is a chance that you or someone you love is living with a disability. And here at KeepTheFaith we have a passion to bring special needs to the forefront. So we are launching a ground breaking plan to welcome those with special needs into every church in America!

CALL 1-800-521-4460 to share your story.

Our goal is to demonstrate that disabilities can be turned into possibilities!

Here's our commitment:


KeepTheFaith Radio--consisting of nearly 300 powerful broadcast affiliates--pledges to use our unprecedented #1-rated broadcast platform reaching millions of listeners across America and Canada in the following ways:

  • Contagious Love inspires listeners with heartfelt Special Needs "Overcomer'' stories designed to shine the spotlight on these disability all-stars. Stories range from individuals living with physical limitations to families with a child on the autism spectrum or those living with developmental setbacks, but every story offers encouragement;
  • Contagious Love motivates church leadership to fulfill the Luke 14 Mandate to "go out and compel the poor and disabled to come into my house [church] that my house may be full" (bursting at the seams!). To this Jesus noted, "And you will be blessed";
  • Contagious Love showcases hundreds of listener phone calls who have been personally touched by Special Needs ministries;
  • Contagious Love spreads the word of hope and encouragement through an unprecedented number of on-air spots and public service announcements specifically designed to uplift Special Needs ministries.
  • For The First Time Ever, KeepTheFaith Radio continues to produce and air over 300 stories on our affiliate stations specifically designed to position Special Needs as a PRIORITY in the hearts and minds of both Americans and Canadians.

So will you join us? Your personal story matters!

Our trademark mix of songs and stories, brings more listeners to Christian Radio than any other faith-based program in America. In many cities, KeepTheFaith is now airing over 75 hours per week! So we strongly believe God can use KeepTheFaith to change the lives of those living with special needs.

As God continues to use KeepTheFaith Radio in 2019, we want to change lives through CONTAGIOUS LOVE. We would also love to hear from you with your own story of hope and Contagious Encouragement.  

CALL 1-800-521-4460 NOW to share your story.

KeepTheFaith is changing lives. Take a listen to stories with disability All-Stars we have done in the past--with many more to come in the weeks and months to come!

Mark and John Cronin talk about supporting people with disabilities and John's Socks.

Craig Johnson talks about what inspired him to found Champions Club.

Craig Johnson talks about special needs children's enhanced spirituality.

Diane Dokko Kim shares some words of encouragement.

Scott Hamilton tells us about the virtues of being humble.

Christina MacIntyre tells us about her journey with Scott during his second kidney transplant.

Scott MacIntyre and how he found the strength to audition for American Idol.

Scott MacIntyre shares the story about how he was given the gift of life after his kidneys failed.

Scott MacIntyre talks about the obstacles that he had to overcome with his disability.

Mandy Young tells us that in the midst of the storm, look to God for guidance.

Mandy Young says that her rare genetic disorder gave her purpose and an opportunity to help others.

Chad Veach shares how much he admires his wife for being such a great caregiver to their daughter.

Julie Keith tells us how nothing is impossible in the eyes of her special needs children.

Julie Keith and how she was called on by God to put together a special needs program.

Shawn Thornton encourages us to serve those that have special needs in our community.

Shawn Thornton talks about the struggles with his mom after she suffered a brain injury.

Kristin Chenoweth shares what she learned from a special needs child named Gracie.

Rolly B talks about how helping a friend in need allowed him to heal and move forward in his life.

Cindy Fahy tells us about God's plan for her to share the stories of those affected by disabilities.

Patrick Gray and Justin Skeesuck talk about how their friendship led to their journey across Spain. 

Marie Kuck shares how God kept their marriage together while taking care of their special needs son.

Nazareth explains how God used a special needs man to save a life.

Colleen Thompson tells us about the moment she realized what God had in store for her and Jonathan.

Colleen Thompson and how a crisis of faith turned into a blessing.

Colleen Thompson shares how her marriage stays strong by trusting in each other and God.

Colleen Thompson and what she has learned from her son Jonathan who suffers from Tourette Syndrome.

Jaci Velasquez and why she thinks her autistic son will be a leader in the future. 

Brenda Solomon shares how her prayers were answered when God provided her with a caregiver.

Brenda Solomon tells us how her daughter Jill came into this world with a greater purpose.

Hal Donaldson and a remarkable story of how Adam Levine helped a young boy with a disability.

Joel Boggess and the difference a therapy dog made in the life of an autistic child. 

Craig Johnson and Glady's amazing story of how she found hope and happiness.

Craig Johnson describes the miracle transformations that happen through his Champions Club.

Craig and Samantha Johnson and how they had to rely on each other to get through difficult times.

Lydia Rios talks about how the Champions Club at Lakewood Church is taking care of her family.

Nick Vujicic explains the importance of finding a good balance in marriage.

Nick Vujicic shares how his father's love changed his way of thinking.

Nick Vujicic tells us about dealing with disappointment and a change of heart.

Jim Bradford describes how HK Derryberry has made an amazing impact on his life.

Steven Curtis Chapman talks about Fallon's story of hope and the miracle of life that God provided. 

Contagious Love Special Radio Mix.

Heather Avis shares how she chooses to live in the moment with her children.

Heather Avis talks about having to surrender control to God when it comes to parenting. 

Heather Avis and how her children can see past the flaws and only see beauty and love.

Contagious Encouragement from Jennifer Rothschild

Jennifer Rothschild encourages us to run to God when we are feeling overwhelmed. 

Laura Story and the importance of accepting help from others when you need it most.

Laura Story tells us about the struggles with her marriage after her husband's brain tumor diagnosis.

Joni Eareckson Tada and a story of how a special wheelchair found it's way to a boy named Jacob.

Jen Bricker shares why she is so proud that God created her the way she is.

Kevin Laue encourages a young woman to not leave anything unsaid to her dying father.

Kevin Laue tells us how he learned to accept himself so others would embrace him.

Kevin Laue talks about the amazing doors that God has opened for him over the years.

Kevin Laue shares that the key to embracing life is loving yourself.

Darlene Zschech's autistic grandson and the positive influence that worship

has had on his life.

Together we can make encouragement and love contagious!


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