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CharityOne & KeepTheFaith, America’s #1 Christian Radio Program, to team up with All-Stars of Disability Ministries To Launch

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...A Game-Changing Initiative specifically designed to motivate thousands of churches from coast-to-coast to start local, boots-on-the-ground special needs ministries resulting in unprecedented church growth.

There is a chance that you or someone you love is living with a disability. And here at KeepTheFaith we have a passion to bring special needs to the forefront. So we are launching this ground breaking plan to welcome those with special needs into every church in America called Contagious Love.


Here's The Plan:

For 52 consecutive weeks, KeepTheFaith Radio--consisting of nearly 300 powerful broadcast affiliates--pledges to use it’s #1-rated broadcast platform reaching 664,700 listeners every 15 minutes to:

• Motivate church leadership to fulfill the Luke 14 Mandate to “go out and compel the poor and   disabled to come into my house [church] that my house may be full” (bursting at the seams!). To this Jesus noted, “And you will be blessed”;

• Showcase hundreds of listener phone calls who have been personally touched by special needs ministries;

• Spread the word of hope and encouragement through an unprecedented number of on-air spots and public service announcements specifically promoting special needs ministries.

• For the first time ever, a broadcaster (CharityOne and Keep the Faith Radio) will provide over 1 million dollars in airtime and production services specifically designed to position Special needs as a PRIORITY in the hearts and minds of America’s church leadership and millions of radio listeners.

But we need your to help…


Beginning Valentine’s week, KeepTheFaith is teaming up with disability champions. These are true winners! They are equipping others and inspiring churches to open their doors to those with special needs unlike ever before. We’re going to tell their stories. Hundreds of them. Our objective is to show how churches growth can multiply by embracing those with special needs. Millions will hear of Contagious Love on KTF Radio from Valentine’s Week 2017 to Valentine’s Week 2018!

But, there’s more…


In addition to the massive on-air radio campaign, CharityOne and KeepTheFaith Radio have teamed up with Cieloscope and over 400 movie theaters nationwide to bring the message of CONTAGIOUS LOVE to the big screen in the Fall of 2017. This festive one-night-only coast-to-coast pep rally will feature some of the all-stars of Disability, and will inspire thousands of theatergoers with their personal stories of hope and inspiration. In addition, LONGSHOT: The Kevin Laue Story will be featured. Kevin was the first-ever one-armed NCAA Division 1 basketball player. Through his hundreds of annual speaking engagements, his story of faith moves mountains for millions of youth each year. Also invited to attend and be a part of this special event will be ALL-STARS of disability/special needs ministries, as well as prominent church leaders who have fully committed to special needs ministry in their community.


So will you join us?


We cannot begin to express our appreciation for you. Time and time again since beginning our ministry just under six years ago, we have faced uncertainty, but God has provided this ministry with answers beyond our comprehension. He opens a door and we walk through it--taking us to places we could have never imagined.


Our trademark mix of songs and stories, brings more listeners to Christian Radio than any other faith-based program in America. In many cities, KeepTheFaith is now airing over 75 hours per week! So we strongly believe God can use KeepTheFaith to change the lives of those living with special needs.


As God continues to use KeepTheFaith Radio in 2017, we want to change lives through CONTAGIOUS LOVE. We would also love to hear from you with your own story of hope and Contagious Encouragement.  

CALL 1-800-521-4460 NOW to share your story.


KeepTheFaith is changing lives. Take a listen to stories with disability All-Stars we have done in the past. With your help, we plan on producing more just like these:

Darlene Zschech's autistic grandson and the positive influence that worship has had on his life.

Together we can make encouragement and love contagious!


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