David Green

From The Founder of HOBBY LOBBY--A Step-By-Step Guide To

Building Success With Biblical Principles.



by David Green with Bill High

"After Reading this book, I am no longer chasing Success.

I am in it to build a legacy of Significance."

David Sams, Founding Board Member and Executive Director,

KeepTheFaith Radio Networks

David Green of Hobby Lobby welcoming David Sams of KeepTheFaith Radio to his office in Oklahoma City

Hobby Lobby founder and CEO David Green believes that generosity and building a legacy based on giving can lead to getting back what you really want: a family that stays together, prays together, and shares life joyfully.
In 1970 David Green borrowed $600 to buy a molding chopper, set up shop in his garage at home, and started making miniature wooden picture frames. Fast forward and as of 2017, Hobby Lobby grosses over $4.2 billion a year.

Green tells the story of caring for the small things and starting Hobby Lobby in their garage. He shares the difference between the worlds of “having and hoarding” and a world of “giving and generosity,” the principle of working for God and not for men, and that now is not too soon to consider what you want your legacy to be.

A KeepTheFaith Tribute to The Green Family and their Legacy:

A KeepTheFaith Radio Networks Exclusive: Listen to David Green share stories of how faith and family have been a part of building Hobby Lobby each step of the way:

To find out more about David's book, click HERE.

Meet Lauren Green McAfee and her dad, Hobby Lobby President, Steve Green:

Lauren McAfee serves as Corporate Ambassador for Hobby Lobby, and likes to think she is a professional fan of Museum of the Bible. She is a speaker, writer, connector, and brunch enthusiast with a heart to engage others in the Bible.

Steve Green became President of Hobby Lobby in 2004 and has helped his family grow the business to more nearly 800 stores in virtually every state with just under 35,000 employees. He is a national speaker on both business and philanthropy interests, always focusing on how his faith intersects with his life endeavors.

Find exclusive interviews with Lauren and Steve right here on KeepTheFaith:

Hobby Lobby President Steve Green and his daughter Lauren Green McAfee talk about the advantages of working with family.

Hobby Lobby Founder David Green and granddaugther Lauren Green McAfee

share how faith has played a vital role in their family legacy.

Take a look at the Green Family's Latest Mission...

Museum of the Bible

Museum of the Bible is an innovative, global, educational institution whose purpose is to invite all people to engage with the history, the impact, and the narrative of the Bible.

Steve Green serves as chairman of the board of Museum of the Bible and is the visionary leader in establishing one of the world's largest private collections of rare biblical artifacts, known as the Green Collection.

Lauren Green McAfee serves as the Director of Community Engagement. Museum of the Bible is now open to the public. Click HERE for more information.


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