David Green

"Giving It All Away...And Getting It All Back Again"

by David Green with Bill High

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Hobby Lobby founder and CEO David Green believes that generosity and building a legacy based on giving can lead to getting back what you really want: a family that stays together, prays together, and shares life joyfully.
In 1970 David Green borrowed $600 to buy a molding chopper, set up shop in his garage at home, and started making miniature wooden picture frames. Fast forward and as of 2017, Hobby Lobby employs over 32,000 people, operates 700 stores in forty-seven states and growing, and grosses over $4.2 billion a year.

Green tells the story of caring for the small things and starting Hobby Lobby in their garage. He shares the difference between the worlds of “having and hoarding” and a world of “giving and generosity,” the principle of working for God and not for men, and that now is not too soon to consider what you want your legacy to be.

Listen to David Green tell KeepTheFaith how his journey with Hobby Lobby began right here:

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