Donna Cruz

About 8 years ago Donna left mainstream radio in Minneapolis and began a new chapter in her career in ministry radio. Her career has been in rock and top 40 radio plus she’s worked as an entertainment reporter and even took a spot on the set of VH1’s Rock Across America.

Donna claims Texas as home but was born in California, then moved to Maine, Montana, then Canada, Texas, New York, back to Texas, Germany, back to Texas, (see a pattern here?), then to Minnesota, South Florida and now lives in Nashville. (Yes, Dad was in the military!)

Donna has a passion for helping homeless men, women and children. She and a handful of friends founded a homeless ministry in 2009, 

Join Donna as she shares stories of hope, comfort, and encouragement each week on Keep The Faith. 

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Comment by Terry Weaver on January 8, 2018 at 4:12pm

Thank you Donna for all that you and Keith do daily on keeping the faith, I really enjoy the program and may God bless both of you for reaching out to those considered to be outcasts and for those with disabilities you are a blessing to all who listen keep up keeping the faith.

Comment by Servant of Christ on October 29, 2015 at 6:10am

Here is the real life Great Commision.

The goal I seek to achieve, is something that the Lord put in my heart a few years ago. It began as I observed the needs of others, realizing that I wanted to make a real difference, and an idea. This idea kept returning to my mind and I could no longer ignore His call.
Family-style farm living. Working the land. Learning useful skills. Helping thy neighbor. These experiences have shown me how men and women can bond in a life serving others, as the Father had intended. I seek to help my neighbors, those who may be weak and weary. He lead me to Isaiah 40:29-31
He has showed me the way and I believe I am called to help those who come from broken homes, people with no homes, prisoners who need a safe place to start anew and, of course, any person who should come to my door. The Lord wants me to open my door to those in need.
In order to open this door, I myself, must start from the ground up to build this door. I am lead in Spirit to find a suitable property to build a home, have room for a small farm and a few workshops. Once the Lord delivers this property, then I will move forward in the process the serve Him with His will. Hurst The Farm Home.

Comment by J Stephen Fox on May 30, 2015 at 7:22pm

Please Read My Message to My Good Friend Matt M On your Keep the Faith Show.

Stephen F and Matt M have been good friends aboard his Ferry Route  for almost 1 year Now and Matt and Stephen  Share the same faith and Pray for each other.

Matt I am Always going to be your good friend thru good or bad times and Matt I think the World Of U and I am Proud and Happy To Be your Good Friend.  Thanks for your Friendship and Support and Matt I enjoy Riding your Ferry  early in the Mornings and I Look Forwards to each and every Day to a New Start in Our Ongoing Friendship We Share Together Matt M Stephen F IS and Always Will Be your Good Friend.  Stephen is 9 years clean and Sober.  Please Pray 4 Stephen and Matt's Friendship.

Thanks So Very Much Matt Is A Good Hearted Wonderful Friend and Human Being  I Care Deeply..


Comment by saywilkins on May 13, 2014 at 10:48pm

Hi friends, I would like to share my testimony about JESUS CHRIST our Lord and GOD. Before Easter Sunday the LORD told me to fast for 40days. So I did, it was so hard during those time, I had gone through a lot of trouble, at work especially, my co-workers took a picture of my bad work and showed it to the boss. I got so sad and would like to leave the company to go find a new job. One day I went to church and told my friend at church to pray for me. I told her to pray for my co-workers for them to not afraid of me, for them to see the love of Christ in me not harm them. Second I told her to pray for me to be strong and understand why I have to be there?. After 40days passed by last Sunday my friend told me she saw JESUS washed my feet and saw two men beating the woman until she hit the ground, she saw an Angel came picked up that woman and put that woman in the baby bed, the woman was me and than she saw JESUS washing my feet. The wisdom from the LORD said: " that I have authority to do all things through who gave me strength and power to love them, the reason for those two men to beat me up because I have to die and rose again like CHRIST and able to walk to be His disciple.


Comment by saywilkins on November 1, 2012 at 11:14pm

The KING JESUS CHRIST had done many amazing things in my life, He had showed me the different between heaven and the earth.

Two years ago, He told me to make it into the book, and I am now just got it done for HIM and will be out into the world within couple of weeks.

My book name is: "NOW JESUS and me the found princess of great joy".

Comment by Raymond Rambo on April 20, 2011 at 7:53am

I heard a program of Focus on the Family, Family Life, or one of those a while back and thought - "what a wonderful thing this person is doing for the body of Jesus," was that your ministry by any chance?  I never got to finish hearing the rest of the program and was just wondering if this was your ministry?


Either way, God bless you for all you are doing!  Take care and God Bless!

Comment by brandon marcum on April 18, 2011 at 8:48am

i want the songs 4 worship cds


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