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KeepTheFaith is honored to announce that New York Times #1 best-selling author Gary Chapman (The Five Love Languages) has joined KeepTheFaith.com and KeepTheFaith radio as our contributing relationship host. Dr. Chapman's new feature, Love In Any Language, is featured on the KeepTheFaith radio show each week. He answers your relationship questions and addresses your concerns, as you post them HERE on KeepTheFaith.com.

He is one of America's top authorities on relationships and brings his expertise to the team as he offers topical life changing help and support to KeepTheFaith listeners and members. Millions of readers credit this continual #1 New York Times bestseller with saving their marriages by showing them simple and practical ways to communicate their love to their partner.  Since the success of his first book which has been translated into over thirty-six languages and sold over 5 million copies, Dr. Chapman has expanded his Five Love Languages series to specifically reach out to teens, singles, men, and children.

If you are going through a divorce, don't know how to live with your spouse any longer, if you are feeling lonely or need answers about how to find hope for your relationships,  Dr. Chapman has answers for you that could change your life.  Download right HERE the "Best of Dr. Gary" for FREE and you'll get wisdom from one of America's most beloved relationship experts.  


To take The 5 Love Languages® quiz, click HERE. 

To learn more about THE FIVE LOVE LANGUAGES, click HERE.

To ask Dr. Chapman your relationship question, click HEREOr, if you'd prefer to call Dr. Chapman directly at Keep The Faith, dial 800-335-1249.  You will be able to leave your recorded question or relationship issue for him and it may be selected to be included on our program.

To read more about Dr. Chapman and his background, click HERE

To listen to "Dear Gary", a special one hour show featuring Dr. Chapman, click HERE


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