Ellen Vaughn




Come Sit Stay

by Ellen Vaughn

Finding Rest for Your Soul


In a world where anxiety and chaos reign, it's easy to forget the simplicity, the fun, the excitement of being in a close relationship with Jesus.  Whether you are emotionally drained, spiritually hungry, or just looking for some fresh inspiration, it's time to Come, Sit, Stay...and rest in His presence.


Ellen Vaughn collaborated with Mary Beth Chapman, wife of Steven Curtis Chapman, on her New York Times bestseller Choosing to SEE, and coauthored various award-winning books with Chuck Colson.  She also collaborated on the New York Times bestseller It’s All about Him, the story of Denise Jackson, wife of country music superstar Alan Jackson. Vaughn's solo books include Time PeaceRadical Gratitude, and The Strand. She lives in a Washington, D.C. suburb with her husband, Lee, their three teenagers, and two dogs.


To read the first chapter of "Come, Sit, Stay" click HERE.


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