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Danny Gokey explains why he is so intentional about time with his children.

Sandi Patty shares about how her husband gives her strength.

Amy Grant shares some sweet advice for moms at all stages.

Jason Crabb shares encouragement for people who've made bad choices.

Sandi Patty shares how God uses us in our brokenness.

Sara Evans shares how she found comfort in a near-death experience.

Brenda Lee shares the touching story of how a veteran thanked her for saving his life.

John Schneider explains why opposition is a sign you're doing something right.

Rodney Atkins shares the inspiring conversation he had with a marine while visiting an army base.

Matthew West shares why he wants to live a life without regret and go "All In"

Big Daddy Weave's Mike Weaver shares how a recent trip to Cambodia inspired "I Belong to God"

Matt Maher shares the importance of remembering God during the hectic Christmas season.

Nicole C Mullen shares what she believes women want from their relationships.

Don Moen shares how he and his wife miraculously had children.

Josh Turner shares how his trust in God led him to musical success.

Don Moen shares what he wants to be remembered by.

Don Moen talks about how God works in mysterious ways.

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Nicole C. Mullen talks about trusting God to get passed fear.

Hawk Nelson's Daniel Biro shares how God helped him overcome addiction.

Plumb shares the courageous story behind her song Beautifully Broken.

Nicole C Mullen talks about how hardship and healing influence her songwriting.

Riley Clemmons talks about how she finds inner peace in the face of self-doubt.


Hawk Nelson's Daniel Biro tells us about a miracle that happened during his cancer treatment.

Nicole C Mullen gives some encouraging tips on overcoming fear.

Phil Joel from Zealand talks about the importance of supporting what your kids gravitate towards.

Amy Grant shares some real encouragement for moms having a bad day. Don't give up!

Shelley Breen of Point of Grace tells about the special gift her mom passed along to her.


Jennifer Rothschild reminisces about her father.

Newsboys' Duncan Phillips shares about God's redemption in brokenness


Zach Williams felt God tell him music would be his passion.

Zach Williams describes how he transformed himself after battling drug and alcohol abuse.

Matt Redman talks about the importance of spending quality time with family.

Britt Nicole shares how she gave her dreams to God and took a leap of faith.

Britt Nicole and how her song "Through Your Eyes" tells us that we don't have to be perfect.

Mark Hall of Casting Crowns describes the moment he received his cancer diagnosis.

Ryan Stevenson talks about what inspired him to write "Eye of the Storm."

Ryan Stevenson and why he teaches his children that Christmas is about helping others.

Ryan Stevenson tells us how even in his darkest moment, he trust that God's intentions were good.

Ryan Stevenson shares the meaning behind "Speak Life," the song he wrote for TobyMac.

Mac Powell of Third Day shares how he raises his kids by trusting God's plan.

Third Day's Mac Powell talks about the importance of making time for family when he is home.

Mac Powell of Third Day reveals how God's plan played an integral role during his childhood.

Kari Jobe describes the devastating loss of her unborn niece.

Kari Jobe shares how she was reminded of God's love for us when she looked in her flower garden.

Julianna Zobrist explains the difference between image and our identity in Christ.

Julianna Zobrist encourages women to be assured of their authority, security and become shatterproof.

Julianna Zobrist shares that "The Dawn" was written for a friend that got a second chance at life.

Brooke Ligertwood of Hillsong Worship ("What a Beautiful Name") shares how prayer from her church healed her brother.

Kristen Chenoweth explains how faith played a big role in pursuing her dreams.

Journey's Jonathan Cain and how his father inspired him to write the song "Don't Stop Believin'."

Jonathan Cain of Journey shares how he turned a tragedy into a successful music career.

Amy Grant shares career advice with Lauren Daigle.

Blake Shelton talks about how "Savior's Shadow" gave him hope during a dark time in his life.

Phil Joel of Zealand Worship's daughter shares heartwarming stories about her father.

Phil Joel of Zealand Worship shares his incredible journey of finding his purpose.

Meredith Andrews talks about discovering balance for her family during the Christmas season.

Meredith Andrews and how her struggles with her own marriage helped her write "Deeper."

Meredith Andrews shares how "Soar" was written about being patient while God healed her marriage.

Big Daddy Weave's Mike Weaver shares how a recent trip to Cambodia inspired "I Belong to God."

Mike Weaver of Big Daddy Weave talks about how "Redeemed" saved a man in Walmart.

Big Daddy Weave's Mike Weaver and the powerful truth behind "My Story."

Mike Weaver of Big Daddy Weave shares the journey that he and his wife took from friendship to love.

Laura Story and the process she had to go through to deal with her feelings of anger towards God.

Laura Story shares how God used her husband's brain tumor to take them on a new journey of hope.


Jason Crabb shares his experiences with faith and God here.

Cheri Keaggy shares how God helped her through an epic year.

Jason Roy of Building 429 tells us how God uses the broken to overcome challenges.

Christy Nockels and hoe she relied on God during a devastating time in her life.

Michael W. Smith and a heartwarming story about his dad.

Jaci Velasquez shares her life lessons.

Hawk Nelson discuss faith and identity.

Jonathan Steingard of Hawk Nelson and the motivation behind their album, Diamonds.

Jeremy Camp and overcoming personal trials in his life.

Lacey Sturm sharesher struggles with depression.

Bart Millard of MercyMe talks about how their music made a difference.

Plumb receives difficult yet life-changing advice from a close friend.

Plumb shares how the little voice in her head saved her from making a poor decision.

Plumb opens up about her private battle with depression.

Sanctus Real's Matt Hammitt shares about how God met him in his brokenness.

Mandisa shares about lifting paralyzing fear.

Kutless talks about faith and their song "Even If."


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