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Meet Mike and Brian!

Mike Rakeman of Fellowship Home Loans began working toward a career in mortgages early by attending college for finance and economics. After graduating, his first job was for a retail mortgage bank, where he helped originate mortgage loans.

Once he started working, he realized quickly the impact and potential of mortgages to change people’s lives. Finding satisfaction in helping people, Mike began to explore how he could take mortgages a step further, and bring it closer to his vision of what they could be.

“With creating Fellowship, I was motivated to begin a new undertaking where we could put customers needs first. Having the ability to impact people’s lives is so rewarding,” said Mike in an interview.

Through what Mike learned, he noticed a few things that he wished to do differently. The customer’s needs always came second to profit, but Mike knew there had to be a different way. This critical attention to the value of the customer’s experience is what laid the foundation for Fellowship Loans.

Brian Schiele is a mortgage professional who grew up with a fascination of finance and economics along with a strong desire to help others that was instilled in him from a young age by his family and local church community. Being attracted to the straightforward nature of mortgage banking over of the unpredictable nature of hedge funds, he entered into the mortgage industry soon after he graduated with a degree in economics. Brian also enjoyed the day to day personal interaction of the mortgage industry, but he soon saw a need for more transparency in it.

Brian met Mike Rakeman in 2003 when they were both working at a retail mortgage company. As they continued to develop their experience in the retail mortgage industry, they were discouraged by the profit based motives of the companies that they worked at. Being inspired throughout his life by the hardworking people he knew from his church community, he wanted to start a mortgage company based on Biblical principles that would make its customers the top priority over profits. Aiming to set new standards for the mortgage industry, they launched Fellowship Home Loans, which has quickly grown and become a well-known name in the Christian mortgage industry.

Brian and Mike have been able to break new ground with Fellowship Home Loans by offering a customer oriented and honest approach to mortgages that has proven to be successful and appreciated by their clients.

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Buying a new home or refinancing an existing one is a significant moment in your life. A lot of money is involved, and you’re defining your future. You deserve lenders with Christian values that you know will have your best interest at heart and will put your needs first. We put our principles before profits.

At Fellowship Home Loans, we strive to lead with shared Christian values and fulfill your needs first, before the idea of a sale is even considered. Only then do we offer the best possible solution for your purchase or refinancing.

Call 1-888-75-FAITH or 1-888-753-2484

Be sure to mention the promo code FAITH for a special offer.


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