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Donations made by clicking on the banner above go to Guatemala. Your gift will support projects that help the poorest of the poor by providing food, housing, medical care, and much more in the country of Guatemala.

Examples of Food For The Poor's work in Guatemala:

  • More than 3,000 sturdy houses have been built for impoverished families
  • Programs that empower women with vocational skills in activities like dressmaking, tilapia harvesting, baking, and animal husbandry
  • School construction and renovation
  • Innovative food and nutrition initiatives like soy factories, agricultural development and animal husbandry

Every day that goes by, another child goes without food. Can you imagine not eating? One day turns into two, two turns into three, three turns into four. Our goal here at KeepTheFaith is to make encouragement contagious. But we do this by making those words really matter. So, we've set up a special place right HERE to help support Food for the Poor. Please, click on the banner above right now--and you can help someone in need and make a difference on this very day.


Better Business Bureau — Food For The Poor meets the Extensive Standards of America’s most experienced charity evaluator, the BBB Wise Giving Alliance.

March 2013-2015


You can listen here to Food For The Poor's Todd Chatman's touching story about a widow and her children from the field.  It is absolutely amazing how God is transforming lives through you and Food For The Poor:


Hear about how one little boy's attitude and heart made a huge impression:



Listen to Executive Director, Angel Aloma share about the lives touched on Keep The Faith:


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Comment by Larry Trail on August 5, 2013 at 12:52am

I don't mind giving money to help the poor- my question is what kind of long term plans have you made for them to grow their own food?  Throwing food at them isn't going to fix the problem- all that means is they'll have a full belly, have sex and make more kids.  I want to know how are you going to fix the problem- ideally, there should be a 5 year, a 10 year and a 15 year plan.  By year 20 they should be pretty self-sufficient.

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