Enhance your cancer journey and overall well-being with a weekly dose of knowledge, inspiration and hope.

Rev. Percy McCray Jr. has spent more than 20 years ministering to cancer patients and their caregivers at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA). He recognizes cancer-care ministry as a special calling from God and considers faith a key, but often overlooked, component of cancer treatment.

His engaging personality and deep passion for pastoral care ministry has made Rev. McCray a favorite among patients, pastors and his radio audience.

He now serves as the Director of Faith-Based Programs at CTCA® and provides leadership to the pastoral care staff at all five CTCA hospitals.

Join Rev. Percy McCray and Wayne Shepherd every week for Health, Hope & Inspiration, a radio broadcast developed to help people find answers to questions about cancer, cancer prevention and overall healthy living.

The program features discussions with a wide range of doctors, pastors, naturopathic oncology providers, dietitians, wellness professionals and everyday people who share their experiences.

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  • Seven Things You Should Know About Cancer
  • Foods of the Bible
  • Cancer Ministry Scriptures
  • Many more...

Listen to Reverend Percy McCray tell KeepTheFaith about Health, Hope & Inspiration, right here:

Rev. Percy McCray and how a bedside prayer brought Gloria out of a coma and ready to beat cancer.

For more resources and information about Health, Hope & Inspiration, click HERE.


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