Hillsong: Let Hope Rise

"Hillsong: Let Hope Rise"

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The collection of musicians-learning-as-they-went is known and adored worldwide as Hillsong UNITED, from Sydney, Australia’s Hillsong Church. The church’s music has, in the words of The New York Times, “transformed the Christian songbook” -- topping the iTunes charts and landing in the Top 5 on Billboard’s. If you attend a church where contemporary worship is played, chances are good you are one of the 50 million people who last Sunday sang at least one of the songs popularized by them from the pews or the seats or the folding chairs of your sanctuary. Together, they are the stars of "Hillsong: Let Hope Rise," a full-length feature film that traces their journey all the way back to those humble early days. In doing so, it creates an entirely new genre of film: the theatrical worship experience, leading audiences to spontaneously sing along from their seats with the band on the screen as they glorify God together.

The film stars Hillsong UNITED (Joel Houston, Jonathon “JD” Douglass, Taya Smith, Jad Gillies, Matt Crocker, Dylan Thomas, Michael Guy Chislett, Simon Kobler, Timon Klein and Benjamin Tennikoff); and Hillsong Church pastors Brian Houston and Bobbie Houston.

Joel Houston describes how Hillsong likes to keep it simple and allow others to be themselves.  

Joel Houston talks about the joy he receives when serving others.

Joel Houston and a moving story of how the movie "Hillsong: Let Hope Rise" was inspired.

Ben Fielding shares how worship was able to help a politician struggling with a career decision.

Brian Houston tells us about using joy to help cope with pain during difficult times.

Brian Houston explains that we can live without a lot of things, but we can never live without hope.

For more information about "Hillsong: Let Hope Rise," click HERE.


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