I Can Only Imagine

There's one song that has MEANT THE WORLD to millions for over a decade...

MercyMe's "I Can Only Imagine". It is the most played song in Christian radio history!

Do you recall a time that this song got you through a hardship and gave you hope to carry on? If you have a special story about how this song has impacted your life, 

please share it with us on the KeepTheFaith hotline at  


We may be able to share your story on one of our upcoming radio programs.
Note that by leaving your recording on 1-800-517-9250, you acknowledge you are not receiving any form of compensation and that you grant permission for your story to be used in all media formats including but not limited to audio, video, radio, tv, film and social media.  By leaving your personal story on the KeepTheFaith hotline, you are in agreement with the above stated release and understand your voice recording may be used in all media worldwide in perpetuity.



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