Jon Foreman

Jon Foreman of Switchfoot Releases his four-EP series "The Wonderlands" 

Available Now!

Jon Foreman's The Wonderlands four-EP series: "Sunlight," "Shadows," "Darkness" and "Dawn" available now. 

The ambitious solo project from the lead vocalist/guitarist of GRAMMY®-winning rock band Switchfoot has been 10 years in the making and will feature 24 songs in total - one for each hour of the day.  In total, 24 co-producers contributed to "The Wonderlands" series.

Foreman explores his concept of "The Wonderlands" - "the river between the mountains of chaos and control," noting, "This is where relationships rise and fall. This is where empires succeed or meet their demise. Only time can tell which is a simple day-dream and which is a prophetic vision of the future. What a glorious terrible space - the borderlands between the mirage and the facts, between waking and the dream. This is where we live, and where the song is born.

"Growing up is a fragile time. Some of us naturally grow up faster than others, for others one tragedy or another forces us into adulthood prematurely. Maybe there's a death in the family, maybe there's abuse, or a breach of trust. Suddenly, the earth and stars are shaken and our young hearts bear the scars," explains Foreman. "These are tragic days like a knife that severs childhood from adulthood. In an instant, the rest of your life is upon you and there is no return to childhood. Driven by fear and pain these scars can steer our course sometimes without our knowledge. They say your heart is where your treasure is - but if we're aiming for short-term goals that consistently lead us astray, then maybe our hearts need to find a new compass."

"My world has always been mapped out by music," explains Foreman. "Even when I was a kid, songs were my landscape - a place to run to, a place to figure things out, a place to express the inexpressible. With "The Wonderlands," I wanted to create a planet of my own: a world built out of songs. My hope is that listeners will find a new landscape to call their own."

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