Operation JoyJars

Spread JOY to 15,000 children

Together with Keep the Faith and the Jessie Rees Foundation, you have the chance to spread joy to brave kids fighting cancer this Christmas.

It’s a shocking, sad fact, but this year, 300,000 children will fight cancer. Keep The Faith is all about spreading contagious encouragement, and we want to share love, hope, care, and joy this holiday season by giving encouragement to these precious kids.

So, we’ve teamed up with the Jessie Rees Foundation for “Operation JoyJars”. JoyJars are jars stuffed with toys and games for kids fighting cancer all around the world. It’s a simple way to say that you care. It only takes $25 to provide a JoyJar to a child. How much joy does your family want to give this season? $25 provides one JoyJar. $100 would touch 4 kids. We hope to provide at least 15,000 JoyJars this holiday season.

To give your gift, go to JoyJars.org OR call #250 on your cell phone and say “JoyJars.”

The Jessie Rees Foundation was, and always will be, inspired by one courageous and compassionate 12-year-old little girl. Her name, Jessica Joy Rees, better known as “Jessie”.

Jessie was a faith-filled, beautiful, athletic, caring and loving twelve year old girl who courageously fought two brain tumors (DIPG) from March 3, 2011 to January 5, 2012. 

Watch the video below learn how Jessie loved on tons of kids fighting cancer!

Erik Rees shares with KeepTheFaith about how JoyJars came to be. (Part 1)

Erik Rees shares with KeepTheFaith about how JoyJars came to be. (Part 2)

Erik Rees shares about the mission that came about through pain.

Erik Rees shares about the growth that came from his hardest trial.

KeepTheFaith & "Operation JoyJars" share Melanie's story.

KeepTheFaith & "Operation JoyJars" share Grant's story about what NEGU really means.

KeepTheFaith & "Operation JoyJars" share Grant's story. (PART 1)

KeepTheFaith & "Operation JoyJars" share Grant's story. (PART 2)

KeepTheFaith & "Operation JoyJars" share Stephanie's story.

KeepTheFaith & "Operation JoyJars" share Catherine's story.

To provide a child fighting cancer with a Joy Jar this Christmas,

make your tax-deductible gift by visiting JoyJars.org today!


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